Eco Purchase on Etsy

I love reading about the featured sellers on Etsy. (see the bottom of their home page) I get so excited for them, that they are “featured!”

Evelyn Fields Eco BagsRecently, Evelyn Fields was featured with her adorable reusable eco bags. There are a lot of reusable eco bags on Etsy, but I liked her style. Aren’t they adorable? They are made from unbleached cotton muslin and have velcro tape across the top to keep it closed.

Step by step DIY pattern to make 6 Eco bags PDF

I noticed that Evelyn just recently posted a pdf pattern on how to make these yourself. I think they would make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. You could customize them to the likes of your recipients by changing up the applique or the fabric.

I saw another pattern to make these reusable eco bags on the Reprodepot blog, where they used the unbleached cotton muslin as the lining and a cute fabric for the outside.

Reusable Eco Bag set

I loved this cute applique, so I couldn’t resist buying a set, which included a napkin, a sandwich bag, and a snack bag. I am going to feel so stylish when I unpack my lunch at work!

11 thoughts on “Eco Purchase on Etsy

  1. Cute Terri! I love the unbleached muslin~it kind of looks like the linen everyone is using. What a great idea! You will be quite stylish “brown baggin’ it” with your new tote!

  2. I can see why you needed a set. Cute, cute, cute. You will definetly be the cat’s pajamas at lunch time! Are the bags lined with something you can wash with a dish cloth? I’m just wondering what keeps things like jelly leaks from soaking through.

  3. I am also a huge fan of reading featured sellers on etsy and happened to adore Evelyn ‘s shop too! Those are really cute and i was also tempted to make a purchase but just wasn’t really sure which cute applique i want. 🙂 Great buy! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Those are adorable and a great move towards ending our love affair with plastic! I have always wanted to make some reusable bags from fabric…..hmmm…maybe sooner than later. Great find Terri, thanks for sharing.

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