My September Ritual

As soon as the September issue of Ski magazine arrives in my mail, I start to get excited thinking about winter and skiing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m anxious for snow and winter, but I get excited knowing they are coming.

Sept issue of Ski magazine

One of my all-time favorite things to do is downhill skiing. I learned how to ski at age four when my parents put me in ski school in Steamboat Springs on one of our many family road trips to ski in the mountains. Nowadays, I love the cold air rushing through me as I speed over those cliffs and moguls!

Terri on Highland Bowl

(that’s me getting ready to ski off that edge into Highland Bowl)

Ski magazine doesn’t publish any issues in summer, so when the September issue arrives, I get the urge to try on my ski boots and walk around the house.

getting ready for ski season!

I know, you can call me crazy!

8 thoughts on “My September Ritual

  1. I love the pic of you trying on the ski boots. 🙂 I tried skiing a couple of times as a teenager on trips to Paoli Peaks/French Lick, Indiana, but I spent so much time on my butt and rolling down the hill head over heals, that I have never tried again. Most painful sport I have ever attempted! A lesson probably wouldn’t hurt, but it seems like a pretty late stage to learn a sport like this. Best when you are young and have no fear!

  2. I really like skiing…but I was never better than intermediate at best! I skiied a lot alone since most of the people I went with were lots better than me! I bet it is fun to get the magazine and start anticipating the new season!

  3. Okay, (as someone who has never been skiing) that picture of you ready to go off the cliff is scary!! And too funny that you put on your boots to walk around the house!

  4. I never know how to ski but it would be fun to learn tho. I adore your ski boots…its soo cool! You must be really good at skiing…learning from the age of just 4! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  5. I went downhill skiing twice and thoroughly enjoyed the ride up the hill. I don’t remember much about going down but shortly decided I enjoyed cross country more. There’s just something about that speed rush I can’t appreciate.
    Enjoy! Love the boots:)

  6. How lucky to be able to ski each year! I was 23 years old before I saw snow for the first time. My son is going on a school ski trip to New Zealand next year – he can’t wait.

  7. Your post made me giggle…I am happy to know I’m not the only one who gets excited about ski season and wears their gear in the house…I usually have my helmet on at some point too!! Oh 2 winters without skiing…I will hopefully be back on the slopes this winter (getting married and buying a house takes too much time away from the mountain!)

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