I am excited to share my progress for the week, so please be impressed. I get so easily distracted by lots of creative ideas of things to make, so I’m happy when I finish what I originally set out to do.

First, I finished my red wonky star mini wonky start mini Q

I really like making these mini quilts because they are quick and also a great way for me to practice my machine quilting.

Backing for Red Wonky StarI love how these look for the holiday season! Not sure yet where I’ll put these; maybe just hang them at my desk at work, since it’s so drab there.

green-red wonky starsI like these so much that I started another set for a gift for someone.

more xmas wonky starsI made lots of progress on my fall table runner too!

fall table runner ready to be quiltedI pieced it, sandwiched it, and now it’s ready to be quilted. I haven’t decided whether to do a free motion design or random wonky lines. I am even ready with the binding.

binding for fall table runnerMy goal is to finish this table runner on Sunday because today I have to make chili, cornbread, and cookies for our Halloween party tonight. Happy Halloween everyone!


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