Gift Bags for Christmas

I mentioned this weekend that I was working on a few Christmas projects to list in my shop. I finished them on Sunday night, and even though it’s been cloudy for a couple days, I took pictures anyway. It gets harder and harder to take pictures of projects this time of year, as our daylight shrinks!

I made four stuff sacks in Christmas fabrics, which will make great gift bags. I improved my design on these stuff sacks by adding piping to the bottom, making them a little more sturdy and giving them a more finished look.

mezzanine stuff sack

The stuff sacks are 8.5 inches tall with a 5.5 inch flat bottom.

bottom of Christmas stuff sack

I also made six drawstring bags in Christmas fabrics, great for gift bags.

red drawstring bagI have a really nice variety of fabrics for these!

mezzanine drawstring bagAnd a nice variety of sizes, from 7.5 inch squares to 9.5 inch squares.

red-green drawstring bagThe best part of these gift bags is that they are reusable! You can put a gift in them, you can give them as a give, you can use them as a purse, and you can even use them as a travel bag to hold toiletries or dirty laundry inside your suitcase. I made TEN of them so be sure to stop by my little shop to see more pictures of these reusable gift bags!

7 thoughts on “Gift Bags for Christmas

  1. You’ve been soo busy! I love the snowflakes on red! I’m really starting to panic…November is half over…and I’m so far behind…but you’re doing great!

  2. Great fabric choices! This is eco-friendly, too!! I made a big one a few years ago, though not nearly as cute, and store my non-breakable ornaments in it. I love the multifunctionality of so many of your designs,Teri!

  3. Dear terri, these bags are so cute and i love the fabrics! I love the idea that these gift bags is that they are reusable! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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