Etsy Shopping

I don’t have a lot of gifts to buy because we give couples’ gifts on Dave’s side of the family, and we exchange names on my side of the family. We have a relatively new tradition with friends where we just go out for dinner instead of buying stuff for each other. But I did a little shopping on etsy anyway.

I bought these fabulous handmade pewter ornaments from Bee Hive Kitchenware. I loved each one of them so I just bought the whole set.

I also bought one of these felted balls from Flapjack and Pippin for no reason. I just loved it. It can be used as a pincushion, practical, yes. But it can also just sit in the corner of my drab desk at work and cheer things up a little bit.

I bought one more item that is being shipped from the UK, so it will take a little while longer. I will show you that as soon as it arrives.

I bookmarked a few other fun, whimsical handmade items on etsy that I might order before the holidays, just for the fun of it!


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