First Snow of the Season

We got our first snowfall of the season on Thursday afternoon and evening.

Snow Covered Spruce Tree

Normally, I love snow. I love skiing and snowshoeing through the woods. We only got about two to three inches, but for some reason, it took me one hour and ten minutes to get home from work last night, yet I only live eight miles from the office.

First Snow of the Season on Our Patio

I think everyone around here forgot how to drive over the summer months.

Neither Dave nor I have found our festive holiday spirits yet, but we are planning to put our Christmas tree up this weekend, and some lights outside, so hopefully that will give us the boost we need. Maybe this white stuff will brighten up the gray landscapes too.

(By the way Dorrie, it’s supposed to be a high of 25 degrees here today!)

12 thoughts on “First Snow of the Season

  1. I like either impressive snow, snow that clumps and clings to tree branches and glows at night, or NO SNOW!! But thats just me!

  2. Wow! I hate snow, but I do love snow DAYS! I could use a snow day right about now…gotta love those unexpected days off from school! I hope you get the Christmas bug soon! 🙂

  3. Terri,
    Hope you will be able to enjoy the snow. Here in NE we forget how to drive also. There are usually a lot of accidents all over town because of some drivers that drive to fast. We already got our first snowfall but it melted quickly. Right now it is just cold!
    I received my swap package today! Thank you so much!!

  4. What a pretty holiday landscape! A high of 25°~it was 38° when I got up this morning~honestly, I can’t even imagine! In Chico, we get and 1″ or 2″ every 7 years or so, and you want to see “driving” ~I could sell tickets! Stay warm and have a good weekend~happy tree hunting!

  5. How wonderful to have a White Christmas! Hope the local drivers get used to the snow conditions quickly – more than an hour to drive a few miles would be no fun at all! Enjoy putting up your tree – we put ours up yesterday and are now feeling a lot more festive.

  6. We got a couple of inches Friday night but it only lasted a while. Since it was a weekend, things were pretty calm traffic wise. Usually, just the idea that it may flurry is enough to close everything down! I’m surprised you haven’t had snow there yet, Terri.

    Sweet Pea was not happy about the snow:(

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