A Christmas Nightlight Tutorial

I am having a hard time getting any creative projects done during this holiday season, in between work, shoveling, baking and wrapping presents. I do have a Christmas nightlight tutorial to share with you today.

I received this nightlight from my friend Tami in Colorado a few years ago. We use it so much that I finally had to replace the lights this past weekend. I thought it would be fun to show you how to make one for yourself.

First, the supplies:

5 inch rose bowl

1 bag potpourri

1 strand of 35 lights – clear or multi-color

1 crochet doily, about 7-9 inches in diameter

1 ribbon, about 18 inches long

Next, put a small handful of potpourri in the bottom of the bowl.

Place about 5 lights inside the bowl, layering them over the potpourri.

Repeat these layers of potpourri and lights until all the lights are inside the bowl. If you have extra potpourri, gently press it into the bowl. You don’t want to break any of the lights, but you can break the potpourri since it’s just leaves and dried berries.

Place the doily over the top of the bowl, leaving the end of the light strand hanging out the back.

Wrap the ribbon around the rim of the bowl, tying it into a pretty bow.

Pull the edges of the doily down so the top fits nice and snug.

Find the right corner for your nightlight, plug it in and enjoy.

The slight heat from the lights will bring out the potpourri fragrance. The flavor I used was cinnamon, which adds such a nice subtle scent to a room. Hope you try today’s tutorial for your Christmas decorating!


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