Sample of Ornaments

While bringing our Christmas decorations up from the basement, I realized we have several boxes of ornaments, which seems overwhelming. I package them by category, the glass balls, the antiques, the handmade, and the store-bought varieties. I don’t put all of them out every year; I think it depends on the mood and the tree. I wanted to share with you today a sampling of some of the ornaments I treasure most.

I got these ornaments from my mom when I was age one, two and three. I guess that means they are antiques, right?

I have always cherished these fragile ornaments, mainly because they are from my mom.

Here are a few ornaments made by my Grandma over the years, including this cute little felt Santa:

Dave and I each received a felt mitten ornament a couple years ago:

My grandma worked with a variety of materials, from felt to beads:

I always thought this pearl angel, which I’ve had for over ten years, was so delicate and pretty.

This wreath was a clever design with some green and red faceted beads and wire.

This candy cane, made from green bells, always shines and sparkles next to the Christmas tree lights.

This set with the felt drummer boy and his drum is one of my favorites in the my collection:

My sister and I started exchanging handmade ornaments a few years ago, and I especially love these cross-stitch ornaments:

This mixture includes various ornaments I have made over the years:

That’s just a small sampling of the ornaments in our collection. Dave’s favorite ornaments are the glass balls that make the tree shine, but I like those of the handmade variety. Don’t forget – look forward to an ornament swap here in July 2010!

12 thoughts on “Sample of Ornaments

  1. The glass ones you got when you were one, two, and three are wonderful! Looks like you’ve been taking good care of them. And the pearl angel — my grandmother used to make those when I was little. I have at least one that must be over 30 years old by now! It’s hard for me to believe that crafts could get around like that (she was in southern Missouri) before the internet!

  2. The glass ornaments are really special!! Thanks for sharing a few of your ornaments. It’s fun to see all the different ones. My favorite is the drummer boy and the drum! They’re really cute. I’m looking forward to your swap in July!!!!

  3. I love the Santa your Grandmother made, especially the ric-rac detail. So much better than anything to be bought in the store!!

  4. I love the older glass ornaments. I inherited a few when my mom passed away and they are my favorites. Those cross stitched ones look very familiar. They’re all fun!

  5. Oh my gosh! What treasures you have – especially from your mom. I love your handmade ones too. I LOVE pulling out christmas ornaments every year and remembering who they are from and why thy are special. Looking forward to the ornament exchange in July!!

  6. I can never put all of our ornaments up either. But I don’t have them as organized as it sounds like you do. Every year I think about weeding out some, but I just can’t seem to do it. There are so many memories in each one — even some of the tacky looking ones.

  7. I really love the ornaments your mom gave you when you were just a toddler! How sweet!

    And as you know, handmade are a favorite of mine as well. It’s wonderful that you and your sister exchange handmade ornaments too. Many more memories for the tree!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. I know I will want to sign up for your ornament swap! I am already looking forward to it! I have one of those lovely beaded angels too and I’ve always liked to hang it up high in the tree.

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