I Splurged!

Last week, Jona posted about these lovely Renaissance Ribbons she was carrying in her shop.

I had to have some of those lace and velvet trims – so delicate and lovely! No plans for them yet but I was inspired by the vintage look and the different color combinations, from a feminine and girly day bag to a little darker side for an evening bag.

I also needed to have some of Jennifer’s new So St Croix fabrics. I might make these into a summer purse or clutch because they remind me of a resort town or the beach. My mom recently gave me a newspaper article saying that turquoise is the color of 2010, so this is right in line with the fashion psychics.

I have been resisting buying any Nicey Jane fabrics, until I visited Randi’s shop last week. She has a great selection, including bundles I always love.

The colors in the jelly roll make me think of kitchen linens, like patchwork placemats. Those one-yard cuts in the foreground feel like they would look great as the lining of a purse, with a solid for the outside.

Finally, I picked up a couple fabrics from Patty Young’s fabulous new collection, definitely destined for a summer purse or party clutch. Ah yes, more turquoise!

I haven’t been fabric shopping too much over the past couple months, so I guess I made up for that last week!

12 thoughts on “I Splurged!

  1. Those ribbons are fabulous! My mother sewed all my clothes when I was growing up — among other things — and her sewing area was an oasis of wonderful fabric and ribbon snippets that my sister and I loved to pounce on.

    You made some great fabric purchases. Of course, we both love Sis Boom, and now you have some of that delicious Nicey Jane, too. I haven’t bought anything by Patty Young — YET — but I keep looking….

    Have fun!

  2. Pretty lacey ribbons and those fabrics are Yummy. Love those Patty young fabrics, I just saw her Luna Moth fabric at the quilt show, it’s gorgeous. I always love turquoise fabrics and Jennifer’s are beautiful.

  3. Oh wow, so much summery yummy fun! LOVE the ribbons and the fabrics are wonderful. I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you’ll make with them. So girly!

  4. Do something with the Nicey Jane real quick, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase so I can have the vicarious thrill I always get when you put great fabrics together and construct somwthing clever!!

  5. Love the fabrics but told myself that I cannot buy any fabric until I get some used up. I’m a fabriholic.

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you come up with to use them! Jennifer’s new line of So St. Croix is one of my favorites, but I’m still holding back! Have fun with them!

  7. What pretty fabrics. . .I’ve been putting off the Nicey Jane purchase. . .I’ll probably regret it, when it’s nearly all gone and I’ll be on the hunt for it!

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