Spring Productivity

I rarely go into a weekend without a list. Do you do that? It seems like those two full days I have away from work can get filled up so quickly. But I really like to be able to savor those two days, so I jot down a weekend agenda of ideas for us, from chores to fun.

Some weekends we stick to the agenda and other weekends we just wing it. Sometimes our weekend free time depends on the weather. We woke up to snow and cold on Saturday, but Sunday was a beautiful take-a-nap-outside kind of day.

This particular weekend, I wanted to get a few specific sewing projects done. These semi-secret minis are for a special giveaway coming up. Stay tuned for more on that!

I’m happy and relieved I sewed the bindings onto my three recently finished quilts. I just need to hand stitch them as I get free time (or the next time we rent a movie). If it hadn’t been for my to-do list, I probably would have put off this task because it kinda felt like a chore.

I finished that pillow cover I pieced together last month. I am trying to use up the scraps in my scrap basket full of the lovely Sis Boom fabric left overs.

I love string-pieced blocks, but I wish they used up more scraps. I can’t seem to make a dent in that pile! These pillow covers are a fun way to turn a mini quilt project into something so useful as a pillow. Plus, they are a great small project to practice my free motion quilting skills.

Of course, I had to add the pom-pom fringe because it makes people smile when they see that extra detail. Now I’m happy to report it’s listed in my shop.

My weekend list is completely checked off, and I’m ready for a fresh week of spring and new projects.

14 thoughts on “Spring Productivity

  1. You are right, that pom pom fringe does make me smile! The fabrics you are working with look so cheery and spring-like that maybe sun and warmth will come soon!

  2. Yep, I usually start the weekend with a list, though it’s usually at least three times more stuff than I can get done in a weekend. So, by Sunday night I’m usually frustrated about all the stuff I didn’t get done! I need to learn to be more realistic. 🙂

    The pillow is adorable — you are not charging nearly enough for that (seriously)!!!

  3. Oh, I love neat, crisp bindings! I have one to do over the next couple of days, and your pretty bindings have gotten me in the mood for a little hand sewing. I love string blocks, too, and they make great pillows! I like the addition of the pom poms. Really cute!

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see your surprise! And I ~heart~ the pom poms! And I’m a sucker for string quilts, they’re the only thing that shrinks the ever-growing scrap bin! Have a good week!

  5. Love that pillow! I need to try some string blocks.
    I make lists for myself during the week, but the weekends are a free-for-all! I never know what the “Mister” is going to come up with so I just go with the flow:)

  6. I don’t do list for it seems I can’t keep up with them. Love all the things you got done. You do good work. Just love it. We got snow also. About 8 inches. The snow is out now and its going away. I really am ready for spring. We had to drive in the mess to go out of town. Glad we were able to drive out of it. We are home again now and my computer crashed so I’m on this old thing for a while. It is not going to good , very upsetting. Hope the rest of the week is better, and yours also. Have a HAPPY DAY

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