Patchwork Progress

Remember a couple weeks ago when I asked for opinions on which patchwork arrangement you liked best for my sew-along project for Sew,Mama,Sew’s quilting month? The tally came out to this:

The simple triangles pattern received 11 votes.

The zig-zag pattern received 7 votes.

The diamond pattern received 4 votes.

The hourglass pattern received 3 votes.

When it came time for me to make a decision, I liked all of these patterns because they show the variety of patterns you can make with simple half-square triangles. Since I am going to make these blocks into placemats, I made one of each!

I continued with the sew-along, so the next block was a Spiderweb. I have never made a spiderweb block, but it was definitely on my list to try. It was an easy block to put together, kinda like the stringpieced blocks, which I really love making. It was magical to watch the white star shapes emerge in the centers as I lined up the pieced triangles.

The most recent block was a Dresden Plate, another patern I have always wanted to make. OMG, I adore this one!

I’m not sure which block will be next, but this is the last week for the sew-along, so I’m happy I was able to stay caught up. I can just imagine how cool this set is going to look on our table for summer.

14 thoughts on “Patchwork Progress

  1. That dresden Plate is awesome!! The motif placement is so perfect! Now I understand why my granmother made several quilts entirely in this pattern – she loved fussy cutting! I think one of each is a great idea for placemats; variety rocks!!

  2. I love all of them! I love the fabric, I love the colors-wow-I love them all! You did a gorgeous job on the dresden plate, but I think the spiderweb is my fave. The colors are so dramatic and beautiful together, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful 🙂

  3. Theses are too good for words! The colors are amazing and your fussy cut in the dresden center is so fun. I like the spiderweb best, though! I’m putting that one on my list..

  4. I really like all of them. I think the fabric is what does it for me. I will agree with you the Dresden Plate is really cool. I love it alot. Maybe three in a row for a table runner.

  5. Those are great blocks! I think I love the dresden best, It’s the one block i want to try most! The daisy chain fabric looks so great on a white background, well done 😉

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