Garden Showcasing

I have a new friend! I met Stephanie through the recent Sew,Mama,Sew May Day Giveaway. She left a comment on my giveaway post, and I noticed she was from Wisconsin, although she currently lives in Panama City.

She recently started a new feature on her blog called Your Garden Showcase, where she interviews a gardener and features information and photos about that person’s gardening experiences.

This week, Stephanie featured our garden!

Thank you, Stephanie!

Stephanie is a new gardener, and loves learning from other gardeners. Leave her a comment or email and she will share your garden stories too.

5 thoughts on “Garden Showcasing

    1. Thanks Emily! The best part wasn’t having my garden showcased. The best part was connecting with a blogger who was new to me, and becoming friends with someone I have a lot in common with. (BTW, I hope you all aren’t sick of seeing photos of my gardens. It just consumes a lot of my free time!)

  1. I personally love seeing your garden pictures 😉 and I love that we’ve been able to connect not just through our gardens but through all that we have in common. It was my personal pleasure to feature your garden! I can’t wait to see how your entire yard progresses through time and the seasons!

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