In Bloom

If you are here looking for information about my Ornament Swap in July, please go to this post.

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We are in full summer mode around here, so I have a few summer blooms to share with you.

Our collection of lilies are looking fabulous!

The new bee balms we planted are taking shape in their new location.

Best of all, my raspberry shrub is growing like a crazy weed!

It’s only our second year with these raspberry plants, but I’ve been out there every night enjoying a handful of these juicy berries. I’ve always wanted a raspberry patch, so I am a happy gardener.

14 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. Oh my have you started something Terri. LOL When I bought my house I was SO excited there were raspberries all the way down the entire length of my garage and then all across the entire back too. THRILLED! Excited! ……….until it was realized they were taking over my yard. We tried to remove them from some of the areas or at the very least, thin them out. They had their own mind and kept growing back. We dug up the roots. They STILL came back. Good luck. Just take it from one who has had more thorns in her arms and hands than she needed for an entire lifetime……try to keep them under control or they’ll take over your gorgeous garden I’ve seen in the pics on your blog. LOL

    I am SO jealous of your flowers and how pretty your yard is. I would love to have mine look like that. I wish my Mom was still around because she would surely make sure mine did look like yours. She is the one who started the garden club in my hometown and it’s still going strong there.

    1. Um, yes, Vicki, those new raspberry shrubs are already spreading like crazy! At first, I was wondering if I should be fencing them in or protecting them from the birds, but now I don’t think that is going to be necessary. In between eating the berries, I have been back there cutting the new shoots that are popping up. It’s actually kinda funny because everything else in our yard is wild and crazy so I guess it goes with the territory. I am lucky Dave likes gardening too!

  2. We have rasberries and blackberries at our place. Not enough to can or freeze but enough for a handfull everynight. Its nice to have fresh fruit in your own backyard. They will spread if u let them. Ours are getting very tall. I don’t remember them getting this tall when I was growing up. Summer and the garden is what I like. Fresh veggies. Yum

  3. So we live in a small town, but there are all sorts of yard contests published in the paper. I’m thinking YOU need to enter a garden contest of some sort!!! Your yard continues to be amazing! I especially love those bee balms!

  4. Pretty Pretty Pretty! I’ve got flowers, but you must wait until my husband comes back home and takes pictures! I know that we have yummy mint, blackberries and raspberries somewhere in my yard too, but can’t seem to brave the bees to get to them!

  5. Your flowers and plants are so gorgeous. I’m just hoping everything can withstand another 10+ weeks of above 100 degree temps! It does get nice outside…kind of…at about 10 at night!

  6. We have blueberries ripening by the gallon. Our neighbors must be happy because I give so many away. The raspberries look kind of tempting. We have lots of wild blackberry bushes in the area, so I just pick them when I’m on my daily walk. Your flowers are gorgeous! You must have tons of patience to do all that gardening.

  7. Dearest terri, your garden looks amazingly beautiful! I love love the lilies and the bee balms!! Oh wow you are growing raspberries too ~ YUMMIE! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  8. Terri thanks for sharing pictures of your garden. How lucky to have fresh raspberries!!! They are one of my favorites. Love your daylily and bee balms too. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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