Garden Update: Lilies Everywhere

It’s lily season, and we have lilies blooming in all corners of our yard.

purple lily

peach lily

burgundy lily

white lily

red and yellow lily

pink lily

We are lucky to have so many sizes, shapes and colors throughout our yard. They are quite hardy and bloom a lot in July, which can be our harshest, warmest, driest summer month. The best part? they are the lowest maintenance perennial you could ask for.

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Garden Update: Things Are Happening

Lots of things are happening in our gardens these days.

Our raspberries are ripening.

Many of our lilies are blooming. We have lots of different colors and varieties:

red and yellow lilies

yellow and purple lilies

burgundy lilies

Our clematis always blooms beautifully too. I love the vibrant purple of the fresh flower right after it opens.

We have a bed dedicated to a variety of coneflowers, especially pink varieties.

pinker coneflowers

pinkest coneflowers

Lots of critters are enjoying all this green vegetation. This the closest I could get to this cute baby bunny, which isn’t always so adorable when I discover he/she has eaten our black-eyed susan flowers down to the green twigs.

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Garden Update – Lilies

The lilies are here, the lilies are here! And they are everywhere!

My mom gave us an entire row of day lilies, which are blooming in several colors.

Plum colored lilies

I love these red ones with a radiating yellow center.

I also love these burgundy and cream lilies together. How stunning (and lucky) to have these contrasting colors planted next to each other.

Peach lilies

More peach lilies too

If I had to pick one favorite in the garden, I would choose this cream and purple lily as my favorite.

I love lilies, so I’m lucky my mom’s yard got too shady as the trees matured, and she had to transplant her lilies to a sunnier spot: my yard!Lilies needs sunshine, and our entire backyard faces south, so I guess our gardens were meant to have lilies. Thanks Mom!

Annual Retreat

Last year, I was lucky enough to go on a quilting retreat with a fun group of quilting bloggers.

I am lucky to get to go again this year, with most of the same group and a few new people, including Amanda Jean, Cindy, Rene, Rene’s sister Michelle, Shelly, Shelly’s friend Stephanie, Mary, Doris, and Toni. I haven’t done a lot of quilting this past year so I’m bringing a couple quilt tops I made at last year’s retreat to finish quilting this weekend. No more starting any large projects until my current pile is done!

I leave you with pictures of a couple lilies from our garden. Promise to give you a full report when I get back.

July Inspirations

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. We’ve been having fun with family from out of town visiting us for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

We went to our famous farmers market on Saturday, and I finally found berries in season!

We were amazed at the size of these beautiful stargazer lilies adorning bouquets for sale.

There was an early crop of colorful tomatoes.

We were also surprised to see such a variety of mushrooms available.

Family time and surprises at the market were great inspiration for my art cards this week. (along with a little Ed Emberley doodle, which is the dude carrying a flag, as if marching in a parade!)

My sister-in-law and I gorged on summer fruit all weekend. We also made the tastiest watermelon slushy, a recipe I will definitely share soon.

Three cheers for the fabulous month of July and more beautiful summer flowers and crops!

Lilies Everywhere!

Yes, I do have a lot of lilies throughout my gardens, thanks to my fabulous garden pro for a mom!

I don’t even know how many varieties we have.

Luckily, they all thrive in our yard.

I think the only color I don’t have are white lilies. I had a bouquet of white lilies and white roses when I got married, so I think I need to plant some white lilies for next year (which will be our ten-year anniversary).

I hope my mom doesn’t want any of these back!

In Bloom

If you are here looking for information about my Ornament Swap in July, please go to this post.

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We are in full summer mode around here, so I have a few summer blooms to share with you.

Our collection of lilies are looking fabulous!

The new bee balms we planted are taking shape in their new location.

Best of all, my raspberry shrub is growing like a crazy weed!

It’s only our second year with these raspberry plants, but I’ve been out there every night enjoying a handful of these juicy berries. I’ve always wanted a raspberry patch, so I am a happy gardener.


I am hitting the road this weekend for my first quilting retreat which is at Gruber’sQuilt Shop in St. Cloud, MN (yes, it will be a six-hour drive!). I thought it might be nice to leave you with some garden updates until I return. We’ve had some bizarre weather around here lately – cold temperatures (60s), then five days of dreary overcast mist and rain, now it’s hot and humid! It’s hard to keep up with our yard in between all that.

Our beautiful lilies opened this week. I sure wish we had more of these lovelies!

Our clematis is doing very well this year too.

Finally, our daylilies have started to bloom. We received a whole bunch of these from my mom a couple years ago, so I should have more colors to share in the weeks ahead.

Enjoy this fine summer weekend, my friends! I hope to come back with pictures and stories from a weekend of quilting, shopping, eating and visiting.

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A July Garden Update

Late July is a great time to sit back and enjoy all the hard work we put into our gardens in spring and over the years.  I haven’t been spending much time in our gardens lately because I just don’t feel like pulling anymore weeds and there are too many mosquitos out there after dinner.

Our coneflower garden is still growing like crazy.

a pink coneflower

Some of our annuals are still doing well too, like the dahlias.

red dahliasI’ve always loved cosmos and wish I had more of these this year.

purple cosmos

A couple years ago, my mom gave us a bunch of lilies which we scattered throughout our yard. I don’t know how many we have now, but they get bigger every year.

We have pink ones,

a pink lily

yellow ones,

a yellow lily

red ones,

red lilies

purple ones,

purple lilies

and other colors too.

white lilies

I had white lilies and white roses in my wedding bouquet so naturally, I love lilies. They are such a low maintenance plant yet they give so much color to the garden this time of year.

Hope you enjoy a lovely Friday!