Lilies Everywhere!

Yes, I do have a lot of lilies throughout my gardens, thanks to my fabulous garden pro for a mom!

I don’t even know how many varieties we have.

Luckily, they all thrive in our yard.

I think the only color I don’t have are white lilies. I had a bouquet of white lilies and white roses when I got married, so I think I need to plant some white lilies for next year (which will be our ten-year anniversary).

I hope my mom doesn’t want any of these back!

13 thoughts on “Lilies Everywhere!

  1. They’re gorgeous! White lilies are my favorite flower ever, I can’t wait to plant some at my new digs! I bet your yard smells heavenly 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. So much color. Just beautiful. Love all of them. White lilies are one of the flowers my baby girl used in her wedding also. I’m hoping my health stays in turn now so I can start doing some of the gardening and things I used to do. I do miss it. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your world.

  3. lucky you, all my flowers die before even blooming. i’m sticking with bamboo and cactus for the time being.
    white lilies sound great, specially because of the coming anniversary. and how about some daisies too? daisies are always so… friendly and simple and cute!

  4. I love lilies! We’ve got orange ones (who knew?) blooming all over from the previous home owner! I like white the best though-like you I had white (calla) lilies on my wedding day!

  5. Very pretty! I LOVE Lillies. I had tons at my last house and only planted a couple this year and we have been in this home for 5yrs now. This is our first year of any flowering plant before it was all shrubs and bushes.
    Yeah for color!

  6. The lilies are wonderful! And it would really be special for you to plant the white ones for your 10th anniversary, what a lovely reminder!

    My new house in Washington has a ton of lilies planted in the gardens there as well. I can’t wait to work in them! When I get there, I may have to send some of the tubers to you!

  7. Just gorgeous! Yes, I think you should plant some lovely white lilies and white roses too. You could have your own bouquet for your anniversary.

  8. Those colors are all so beautiful! My mom is a champion gardner also, and I’m so grateful for all the fresh flowers and (free!) vegetables that have graced my home all these years, because of her love of gardening! I’ve often thought that your mom sounds very cool!

  9. Our lilies are in bloom right now, too. We got a lot last year in a mixed colors bag, but most seem to be yellow! They are all really pretty, and it’s so cool to see your varieties!

  10. I just planted some strawberry candy lilies in my yard and they blesses me with their first bloom this morning. It took my breath away! They’re so beautiful!

  11. That first picture… those are strawberry candy lilies 🙂 now you know. And now we’re connected through our lilies!! I’ll take a picture of mine later today 😉

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