Ornamental Grasses

We have been on a mission to plant as many ornamental grasses as we can fit in the empty spots throughout our garden.

We planted these grasses a couple years ago, and now they are as tall as our fence.

These purple fountain grasses have always been my favorite. I was so happy when we finally found some at the garden center earlier this year.

All these grasses are very low maintenance, which is really nice with such a big yard.

They  provide delicate color and texture throughout the summer.

They will get more stunning in fall when other plants are winding down to dormancy for winter. For now, it’s magnificent just to watch them sway in the wind and sparkle in the sun. I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday afternoon too!

9 thoughts on “Ornamental Grasses

  1. Beau-T-ful!! I’m afraid grasses of every kind are dying in the wake of our good ol’ southern heat wave! Glad to see someone has something pretty!!

  2. Love the mix of grasses in your yard. Your pictures are great too. It’s like I can feel the sun shining on the grasses as they sway in the wind.

  3. Your garden is really gorgeous!! These grasses really do look lovely! I hope you are really enjoying you free time!! Love to you sweet friend! Have a lovely merry happy week!

  4. I have ornamental grass in my garden as well! They don’t require a lot of water, and the blooms they have in the late summer and fall are stunning.

    Purple fountain grass is a favorite!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope that the rest of your weekend was restful!

  5. Those ornamental grasses are pretty, they make your yard look so nice. I have a few, but they aren’t doing so well in the heat right now. Hopefully they’ll come back this winter. Have a great week, hopefully you have a little time before school starts.

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