A Productive Week

I wanted to use my free time during my first free week to work on some inventory for my shop and the local products expo I will be exhibiting at in November. I am quite satisfied I was able to finish three checkerboard sets!

That means making three checkerboards, three small lined drawstring bags to hold the checkers, and three large lined drawstring bags to hold the set.

That equals nine sewing projects. Whew!

My “coworkers” did slack off a bit this week, but, on the other hand,

they were very entertaining!

I made a few other small projects, but I will share those in a future post. I am so happy I accomplished my goals this week! Now I’m excited to move on to new projects (which means a couple new bag ideas to test).

19 thoughts on “A Productive Week

  1. I’m so happy for you!! Looks like you had quite the first week 🙂 checkerboards=precious and sweet kitty on your AMH zig zag quilt=priceless!

  2. Terri you chose some great fun fabrics for those checkerboards. The coordinating bags are very clever. So glad you enjoyed your first week off. Have a great weekend.

  3. Such great fabric match-ups! With all great respect to your sweet-hearted commentors, I just want to say that working at home is really not time off; a lot goes into maintaining a home business!

  4. Like I said before. You can really put the fabrics together and you do such good work. Love them all. Glad you had a good work week.

  5. I love the fabrics you used on your checkerboard sets. I would say you were really productive. Your cats are beautiful. I’m sure they are good company!

  6. Your checkerboard sets are so cute! That is a lot to accomplish!

    Isn’t it funny how those co-workers seem to slack off when we need them the most!! Mine do the same thing…. 🙂

  7. LOVE the checkerboards. Where did you get the checkers from or did you make those? And the cute card/instructions too, where did you find those?

    I absolutely LOVE the black and white kitty. He sleeps/lays down just like my Ragdoll does. Always upside down that way is where you can find Baby at any time. lol

    1. Thanks VickiT! I made up everything! I bought a bag of wood circles and hand-painted them in red or black paint on one side, and stamped a crown on the other side. I also made a template in Word for the instruction cards with my shop banner across the top. ~Terri

  8. Looks like you are putting your time to good use!! Love the fabrics you have chosen for the checkerboard sets – so bright and fun.

  9. Hi Terri, your checker project looks fun and colorful! (BTW, what is the fabric name..it looks great for a future quilt?)

    Don’t you just love having “sewing buddies” (the four legged variety!) My two gals (dogs) are always at my feet watching and making sure that I have to step over them when I’m at my cutting table. They keep me on my feet (well sort of, if I’m not tripping over them!) Whats even funnier is to listen to them while they dream and their little “puppy barks”. Got to luv em!

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