Adding the Details

Here’s a small preview of some of the patchwork projects I’ve been working on this week:

I haven’t done a lot of stitchery in a long time, so it’s been great having my stitching books on hand for reference.

I’m having fun relearning some of these stitches.

I love making patchwork projects, especially for my shop, and lately the thrill has been to dream up new details to give my ideas more edge and flair. I think details, subtle or shiny, can really make something super unique and more fun to wear or carry. Hope you had the chance to notice some details and learn something this week!

20 thoughts on “Adding the Details

  1. The stitches look great and I love the fabric combination. I am horrible at hand sewing but this is motivating me to take out a scrap piece and start practicing. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. love the flowers–I haven’t tried those yet, but they are pretty simple from the directions I looked at I believe! isn’t it fun to play around with some embroidery?:)

  3. Hello Terri,

    Glad to see you are enjoying your stitching by hand. I meant to ask what is the variety of flower that you have in your header-the yellow one?
    Happy days.

    1. Thanks Erica! It was fun relearning those stitches. I remembered how to do the lazy daisy stitch, but had to look up the fern, feather, herringbone, and others. So nice to have a reference book on hand too. Hope you are doing well! Terri

  4. Hi Terri!
    I truly believe that those who take the time to just play with their favorite medium and really enjoy it are the ones who suceed the most in the long run. I often need to be reminded of this and so often you inspire me at just the right time!

  5. I have never really done alot of hand stitching. I have tried and really was not that great at it. I am going to try it again. I need to get a book of stitches so I know what to do also. I have a couple of quilts that have some hand stitches on them and really that is all that needs done yet and I could have them done so maybe I need to get started. Yours look so good. Thankyou for sharing.

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