15 Minutes of Play – Pin Cushion Experiment

Ever spend 15 minutes to work on a new idea (or an old idea), try a new technique, or just mess around with your fabrics or scraps? I set aside 15 minutes a few weeks ago, and ended up with the start of some cute pinwheels from a pile of scrap squares (still in progress).

Lately, I wanted to use an old orphan quilt block to make a travel size pin cushion. I also wanted to try making a mosaic-looking pin cushion (inspired by this one) using extra-small scraps. It was like making a tiny version of a ticker-tape quilt.

It was quite fun to spend 15 minutes playing with these scraps, and especially freeing since these were sort “improv” for me.

12 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Play – Pin Cushion Experiment

  1. These are super cute! I love the mosaic ones. This is something I need to remember to do more often – just do something for fun without any real purpose or need. Just for fun!

  2. These are really cute. I love the piping on the purple one, and the mosaic ones are so unique. I’m going to try and take 15 minutes this weekend to play and hope I come out with something interesting. 🙂

  3. Those are very cute. I myself need to just sit down and let loose on some of my scraps. I always think to much. I start thinking and nothing gets done. Those would make nice gifts.

  4. Wonder if my 15 minutes could count as reading your post and checking out all the links hehe. I am loving these works which use white as the base and then the accent colours – I feel the need to patchwork and quilt something !! Didn’t your pin cushions come out sweet… I think I may have to add on another 15 minutes and have a little play too. Thanks Terri xx

  5. I especially like the one on the left. So cute! I’ve never made a pincushion. What do you fill them with?

    I need to do another 15 minute session. It’s been a while:)

    1. Thanks Vicki! I wanted these pin cushions to be about the size of a charm square to it would be easy to back them. I just filled them with stuffing used for making softies, which has worked really well in the few pin cushions I’ve made over the years, even the Pin Cushion Caddy from Seams To Me. ~Terri

  6. Hi Terri, Lovely little pincushions :0) 15 minutes well worth spending! I am part of a blogland group called 20 Minuters and we made a pledge to spend that time every day on some crafting activity. Hard work? Oh no, it is really great :0)
    You can pick up the link to 20 Minuters on my blog if you are interested.
    Have a lovely productive and inspiring day :0)
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

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