More Sewing Tips – Silk and Laminate

I was reading the Fall 2010 issue of the Quilts and More magazine with my lunch today, and I found a couple more sewing tips I wanted to point out to you, in follow-up to my post from last Friday.

I have been experimenting with different types of fabrics and unexpected materials in my recent handbag and clutch experiments. I tried silk for the lining on this small clutch – and I loved it! This issue has an article with tips on how to work with silk, just the kind of information I like to have on hand for reference.

I am definitely going to save that page for my next project.

I also noticed this section on tips for sewing with laminated cotton.

I haven’t sewed with laminate cotton, but I’ve used fusible vinyl, which was similar… and fun to try!

Have you tried working with any new fabrics or unusual materials lately? Found any good tips to help you?

10 thoughts on “More Sewing Tips – Silk and Laminate

  1. I don’t have a teflon coated foot, but I used just a sheet of tissue paper on top of the laminate and then tore it away after stitching and it worked fine. It’s not a material that I sew often enough to justify buying an extra foot!

  2. I’ve used laminated cotton to lie make-up bags, because sometimes, when in a hurry, I tend not to close the tops on tubes and little bottles tightly enough! It works really well!

  3. I have a teflon foot for sewing on vinyl. It also works great on the laminate, and suede.
    I have worked on all the fabrics above mentioned. I also have worked with drapery fabrics which can be heavy but I think they make great bags. The big thing around here is the oil cloth bags which to me is the same has laminate fabric bags. Do you know if there is a difference? I have been trying to find a place that sells all those cool looking oil cloth fabrics or laminate what ever it is called. Its not easy to find them.
    If you don’t have a teflon foot a roller foot works great for those type fabrics also.

  4. We have laminated cotton in the shop–I haven’t sewn with it but everyone else swears that you don’t need a teflon foot. According to them, you sew fabric side up and you’re golden!

  5. I have been dying to try sewing the laminate fabric. Looks like I should just get some and do it!

    Thanks for the reminder about the new issue of Quilts and More out! I better get my issue!

  6. i think you are very brave to work with silk and other fabrics other than cotton. either i’m really still a begginner or just a chicken, but i haven’t experimented with anything but cotton. ehheh

  7. Hello Terri,

    Having the right needle and foot makes all the difference when using unusual fabrics. Good luck with it all.
    Happy sewing.

  8. I’ve worked with vinyl quite a bit and having a teflon foot makes a huge difference. Pins do need to be placed carefully because the holes are permanent!

  9. Well, what do you know, my sewing machine did come with a teflon foot! I looked in the manual which calls it a “non-stick foot.” Makes sense! How funny that I didn’t even know I had that.

  10. Terri I was wondering if there are any other quilting magazines that you read that a new quilter might find helpful. Thanks, Sarah J

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