Swapping and Trading

I’ve been having fun swapping fabrics and scraps and handmade goodies back and forth lately with a couple good friends.

When I posted my tutorial for making a simple makeup bag, a bloggy friend commented that she missed her sewing machine, so I offered to make one for her, which is the bag pictured above and below.

In turn, she offered to swap one of her goodies for mine. This is the package she sent me. I wondered how she knew that I have always wanted a cigar box!

Inside I found this amazing lavender leather journal! Isn’t it beautiful? I love the feel of the soft leather, and the arrangement of cool buttons along the flap, and the fabulously stitched binding. I encourage you to stop by her shop to see more of her wonderful work!

I am definitely going to cherish it, and use it. (don’t you hate that when you give someone a handmade gift and they are afraid to use it?!) I can’t wait to fill it up with sketches and illustrations. Thank you Shari!

16 thoughts on “Swapping and Trading

    1. That IS the best part of swapping, isn’t it Cindy? I love getting to know bloggy friends better on the side. Such a fun way to form a connection and begin a great friendship. I also love having something they made.

  1. Love that bag. Love the fabric. Sherri is a woderful bloggy friend to send you such a wonderful gift. Its nice to get things you can use and enjoy.

  2. Don’t you love going to the mailbox! I’m waiting on 4 little packages right now; I don’t like it when I’m expecting nothing!

  3. You are SO welcome! It was really fun doing this exchange with you, Terri, and as everyone can see, the bag you made me is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!

    So glad you like your journal…. definitely use it!! That would make me happy!


  4. I HATE it when people don’t use what I make for them! That’s the great thing about bloggers. They’re always making stuff themselves and they want people to use it, so they’re appreciative! Enjoy your journal 🙂

  5. Hello Terri, your beauty-bag is lovely like always – you make so perfect work! I love also cigaret-boxes but yours had great suprise, really wonderful journal!
    Best wishes Teje
    Ps. Your drawings are very good and I know how difficult it is…

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