List of Gifts To Make

Have you started making gifts yet for the holiday season? I admire you if you started back in July, like I should have! I just recently started making a list of the gifts I want to make. I have gifts completed for just a couple people, but I sure would love to be able to give more handmade gifts this year.

Here’s my list so far, of the projects I want to make for gifts:

-Charm square table runner

Storage cubes

Little Forest Quilt (in progress!)

More bird ornaments

Advent House ornaments

Scrappy tree mug mats

Makeup bags

Makeup brush roll

-Travel jewelry pouch from the Fall 2010 issue of Stitch magazine

-Travel sewing kit from the Fall 2010 issue of Stitch magazine

I used to tell myself that if I didn’t have to work, I would have time to make all those things I want to make. I’m not working now, but I feel like I have less time than before!

I am taking two classes, which means I’m gone about five hours a day. Then I have homework to do. I try to cook and bake a little more, and clean parts of the house once a week (not just before guests stop by). That just tells me that life is busy, no matter what you are doing.

I put a new list on my sidebar called Quilts I Want To Make. Maybe I will get to those projects next year, as long as I finish the five or so quilt tops I have piled in the closet, waiting to be quilted.

These days, I have started telling myself, “if I had all the time in the world, I would make this!” And then I add it to my list.

21 thoughts on “List of Gifts To Make

  1. All I can say is, you have some lucky friends and family!!!

    I started with a couple gifts purchased when I visited ABC Home in NYC…. LOVE that store! So many cool ideas, too, for DIY projects! (They probably don’t want people to do that, but the artist/crafter in me just can’t help it!)

    But my family & I decided not to exchange gifts this year, as I’m not yet working after my move. So we’re meeting in Hawaii for our Christmas, no gifts, just hanging out!

    As for my friends…. no, have only purchased ONE gift, haven’t come up with anything else. They ALL have books of mine already, so I have to get more creative! You’re ahead of me, Terri!!

  2. I want to make some storage cubes too like the ones Amanda has! I want to use them for scraps to coordinate by color.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you are living, there IS really never enough time to get all those must have projects done. When they do get done, there is another list waiting. Ah, such is life!!!

    The tree block is looking cute;)

  3. That’s quite a list! I hope you can find the time to cross them all off:)

    As for your list quilts to make, I agree with all your choices! Great stuff!

  4. Hi Terri…I’m working my my list too..I have my first gift just about half way done (a gigie…a baby blanket!) Also I’m helping my “starving artist” daughter make gifts for her friends this holiday while she tries to pay for art college.

    Thank you for for sharing your projects! You just gave me an idea for my daughter..the makeup brush roll will make a wonderful “paint brush/drawing pencils roll for her to take to class. I might use the fusible vinyl on the inside to help make it easier to clean.

    I just finished making my candle mat for my swap partner. It was a fun pattern and easy to make. Many of the swappers are making several for gifts this holiday season. Here is the link if anyone is interested! (There is also a Flicker “Candle Mat group” site if you want to see the other candle mats in progress)

    Again thanks for sharing, and thanks to all the others that are so nice to share their ideas on line!

  5. Dear Terri, it’s the same for all of us who desires to make and create! Last year I made lots of handmade gifts and this year we have decided in the family that this year just something small is enough…we’ll see where we end…
    Wishes Teje
    Ps. I think still you manage to make so much!

  6. I love your list of projects…I’ve been thinking about starting since July but haven’t made nearly as much progress as I should have..and now it’s crunch time! I agree with everything you said about time–it seems like whether I’ve worked outside the home full-time or part time or not at all I’ve been busy–I’m really grateful though, that I’ve always been drawn to make the time to create–years ago I had to stay up late to do any sewing, but I’m still glad I didn’t give it up! And there is always more housework to do….but of course I’d rather be sewing!

  7. I only have one christmas gift close to being done (you can see that on my website). It’s for my 9 y.o. son.
    I’m working on a granny square crochet blanket for my dd (also on my site).
    I did not start early enough either. Oh well. I love the process!

  8. Oh Terri :-/ your list is very long lol. This year, I am not even preparing a list, taking a very chilled approach to it all – I’ll do what I can, as and when I can, but if it doesn’t get done then there’s always next year.

    For your friend Randi above, I have used this free pattern:-

    Which is not exactly the same as your advent houses but is quite similar and equally sweet and might be an alternative for her – would you pass it on to her please :0)

    Good luck but don’t make yourself crazy trying to get everything done… promise?!? lol

    Luv Shell xx

  9. Oh I love your list! I really need start a list of my own. Not only do I need time to make the things I want to make, but I need time to make the list of the things I want to make. You’re always so inspirational, I will make a list! I will!

  10. Oh my, I wish I could start in July…instead I’m always chasing the list! Eek! I love your little house ornament…it’s amazing how you can make the fabric do what you want with it… I feel like sometimes the fabric overpowers me…ahah!

  11. I am making a few gifts this year. Two of them are full blankets (one quilt, one afghan). The rest are smaller items like purses and mug-rugs. But that’s assuming I get the blankets done in time to get the smaller items started!!

    ~ Meagan

  12. Dearest sweet terri, this post makes me happy and feeling all festive. 🙂 I too have just started making christmas items….and since ive been feeling under the weather pass weeks i couldnt get much done and my scary-to-do list is growing. I love all your gifts ideas and that house ornament is just adorable! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  13. I hear you!! I feel like since I quit my traditional job I have less time than before! I keep telling myself it is because I notice things that I didn’t have the capacity to notice before (cleaning baseboards anyone?) and everyone is busy! As for handmade holidays…well…I have a list. I think. Good luck!!

  14. Oh my I need that advent house magazine. You’ve been really busy. I really need to start Christmas gift making too but have been strapped for time. maybe this weekend. 🙂

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