Saving Time and Energy

I listed some new gift bags in my shop this week that make great time savers, so I thought it would be fun to share the idea with you.

Save yourself some time this gift-giving season by giving a pretty handmade gift bag. They can provide you with that last-minute solution to gift wrapping.

Here’s what I do: put the gift inside a handmade drawstring bag instead of wrapping it in paper that will just get thrown in the trash. Then I offer the recipient suggestions for further use of the bag, such as a knitting project or keeping dirty clothes or shoes separate in your suitcase.

I always make my drawstring bags fully lined so they are more sturdy and have a more finished look.

They measure 9.5 inches square, so they are big enough to gift a paperback, a CD, luxurious soap, cooking gadgets, even gift cards. You can also use reusable bags to carry snacks, your camera, or other odds and ends that tend to fall to the bottom of your large tote.

I also made stuff sacks which are modeled after Stuff Sacks used by backpackers, with a drawstring closure and a flat bottom.

I put flannel in between the fabric layers and added piping around the flat bottom, making them more sturdy and giving them a more finished look too.

Hope that gives you some inspiration for more give-making and gift-giving ideas!

15 thoughts on “Saving Time and Energy

    1. Thanks so much, Kimberly! These were fun bags to make. I have given these bags as gifts, but I had to slip a little box of Godiva chocolates inside, just for good measure!

  1. Hello Terri! Wonderful bags you have made! Thank you for sharing your lovely idea – just what we need this time!
    Have a great weekend! Teje

  2. When you consider how many rolls of wrapping paper you use each Christmas, this is such a nicer and eco-friendly alternative. They really are a gift on their own.

  3. These are terrific!!! What a way to save on paper that WILL indeed just get thrown away! Maybe I will have to make one for a quilt I am giving my MIL next Tues.

  4. Boy, have you helped me out in the idea dept. lately! Just a couple of weeks ago I was feeling very uninspired and wondered what I would do for Christmas. Now: Not so much!! Thank you for being so generous!

  5. These are great Terri and a fantastic idea – I am definitely going to have a go at making some of these and love the idea of including a list of ideas for future uses… Thank you xx

    Those stuff sacks are great aswell, I’m spying up the pink and green one as it looks so retro and funky :0)

  6. Alas, you make us all look lazy! 😛 Great bags, Terri!! I did this for ONE present last year and I felt great about knowing the wrapping wouldn’t end up in the trash. (However, the sparkly wrapping paper won out on the other 20 or so…) ANYWAY, I hadn’t thought of giving the recipient suggestions on how to reuse the bag. Fantastic (and easy!) idea!

  7. I just love your bags. We made some bags last year for our christmas party exchange. It was fun but ours were more simple. ” Just handles” Putting in the drawstrings would make it more useable for so many things. Here you go agin, great ideas just wished I had more time in each day. I have great intensions just never get anything done. Keep up the good work. I love everything you do.
    How is school going?

  8. What a great idea for giving gifts. I like being able to use the bag to put shoes in when traveling! Your house from your last post is super cute!!!!!

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