A New Bag For a Trip

Why is it that every time I go on a trip, which isn’t that often, I feel like I need to make a new bag for that trip?

I can’t pinpoint where the inspiration for this bag came from. Maybe I dreamed it. I really just wanted to play with some of the home dec fabrics I have in my stash, which seem perfect for bags. I loved this color combination of brown, teal and green, so I kept the outside embellishment simple with random zig-zag quilting lines using teal thread.

I also wanted a tote bag bigger than what I normally make. This prototype came out to measure an 11-inch square, big enough to carry all my purse stuff and fit a paperback inside too.

I wanted a long strap to sling this across my shoulders, but I didn’t have enough strapping for that style. So I made two straps instead, which I think I will like better anyway. It feels more sturdy and I like being able to tuck it underneath my arm. I’m super happy with how this turned out, so I’m hoping to add this one to my repertoire.

Our annual trip to New York City for my birthday bash is upon us, so I hope to see you back here in a few days!

24 thoughts on “A New Bag For a Trip

  1. Dear Terri, you made me laugh…because you are amazing! Every time you have something extra ordinary to show us!
    Wonderful bag and I (as bag lover) certainly would like to make similar!
    Happy Birthday and have an unforgetable trip to New York!
    xxx Teje

  2. yippeee! i love your new bag. i wont be getting to nyc until friday afternoon so am guessing you may be leaving that area by then? i started a new bag too but didnt have time to finish it…..i had to buy one at a store. i know the horror. 🙂

    have a safe trip.

  3. Another great bag Terri.(ugh. next time I spell your name wrong smack me. just realized I’ve been doing that. sorry)

    Have a great trip and a very happy birthday!!

  4. I like your style Terri :0) every trip deserves a new bag and where better to show it off that New York – hope we get to see plenty of pictures of you and your bag!

    Have a wonderful birthday and safe journey.
    Lots o’ hugs
    Shell x

  5. Such a beautiful bag! I love that you always have a contrasting piping in your bags. It just gives them the right amount of zip! Happy Birthday and safe travels.

  6. Enjoy your birthday trip to New York!!! How fun to have a new bag to take along on your journey. Those browns and teals look great together. Cool job with the zig zag stitching. I have that book sitting on my dresser and my daughter asked me about it. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t finished it yet 😉 I did finish John Grisham’s newest book though..need to add it to Goodreads. Take lots of pictures! Safe travels!

  7. Dearest sweet tarri, you bag is truly gorgeous and you always pick the most wonderful fabrics! Love love love! Have a lovely merry happy trip and oh my that is one of my favorite book too! Love to you!

  8. Hope you are having a fabulous trip to NYC! Hope your birthday is an extra special one Terri – love how you celebrate it with a trip each year.

    Your new bag is lovely – all your details are always perfect – love the piping on the base and the zigzag quilting.

    i love N.Y.
    we were there about 6 years ago. it was awesome!
    my bookclub read “to kill a mockingbird” this year. been a long time since high school – was surprised how much i could remember. have attitudes changed much???

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