Simple Coffee Cozy Tutorial

I have always wanted to know how to make a coffee cozy, especially after receiving a coffee to-go recently with this dreadful styrofoam cozy!

I thought it would be fun to have a cozy in my own little signature patchwork style, so I documented the steps in case you want to make one for yourself or as a stocking-stuffer gift.


Strips of fabric

Fabric for lining

Fusible interfacing or batting (depending on how puffy you want your cozy)

Velcro and a cute button

Paper, pencil, ruler

Usual sewing tools (ruler, rotary, thread)

Making the pattern:

1. Trace your coffee cozy template, using a sample from your favorite coffee shop.

2. Add 1/2 inch all the way around and connect the dots or dashes.

3. Cut out your new pattern.

Piecing Instructions:

1. Lay out your strips and sew them together in a patchwork fashion like this. Press seams flat, either to one side or open, whatever your preference. (It’s just a cozy, so it doesn’t matter which direction you press the seams.)

2. Using your new pattern, lay over your interfacing or batting and cut out. Lay it on the wrong side of your patchwork, fuse or pin, and cut out. (save that scrap patchwork for a future project.)

3. Quilt your patchwork. I just stitched 1/4 inch in from each seam allowance.

4. Using your new pattern piece again, cut out your lining fabric the same size as your patchwork piece.

5. Lay these two layers right sides together, pin, and stitch using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave an opening for turning.

6. Turn right side out through the opening.

7. Tuck in the opening, press layers so seams are flat, and top stitch about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in from the edge.


1. I used a couple of these velcro tabs for the closure because they were easy, inexpensive and forgiving as far as perfect alignment.

NOTE: before stitching the velcro tabs, you might want to make the marks on both the right side and lining pieces and then try on the cozy to test the placement.

2. Lay your patchwork cozy flat with the lining facing up. Measure in about 3/4 inch from the edge and make a dot with a pencil. Center one tab of the velcro over this dot and stitch.

3. Lay your patchwork cozy flat with the right side facing up. Measure in about 3/4 inch from the edge and make a dot with a pencil. Center the other half of the velcro tab over that dot and stitch all the way around.

Select a decorative button to sew on the right side of the patchwork from the velcro tab.

Try on your new coffee cozy!

Enjoy your coffee to-go in style!

27 thoughts on “Simple Coffee Cozy Tutorial

  1. That is way better than those ugly ones they give you at the stores! I really LIKE that you offer the tute without pics too, more blogs should do that for printing purposes.

  2. I tell myself everyday I get a coffee that I should have made a cozy for my coffee. I will get with it one of these days. I really like your colors they are so cheery. Love it. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a goodweek.

  3. This was on my list of gifts to make; now I don’t have to hunt down a pattern! Thank you, Terri!

  4. thank you for sharing this Terri. Ive always wanted to make one of these too but never took the time to plan it out. i wonder if i can whip one up before vacation….. 🙂
    p.s. love the patchwork sugar snap!

  5. Thanks for sharing your tutorial Terri! I bought one during Craft Hope for Haiti, but have wanted to make some myself as gifts.

  6. I swear, I should just follow you around and sew everything you sew for a month! I have been meaning to make one of these forever. They’re so simple and SUCH a fantastic gift- yours is PRECIOUS! That Velcro is great, too. I just (as in two days ago!) stuck some on my mom’s phone keeper. It used to have elastic and that wasn’t working for her. Since it was already sewn together it would have been a pain to sew anything else to it-enter fusible Velcro! How does it hold up? That was my first time using it.

    1. Thanks Joanna! You are too sweet! Whenever I use the fusible velcro, I always sew it on. I don’t think the fusing holds up, but the stitching will always hold. I considered using an elastic loop, but I screwed up when sewing the layers together, so I changed plans! Ha, typical of me! -Terri

  7. Terri,

    That is so pretty and useful. Now you will have the whole world making these. Just imagine all the pretty covers being made from scraps.

    Happy coffee drinking.


  8. Wonderful tutorial Terri!! I’ve seen a tutorial on a similar one before, but not sure where now. These would make great Christmas gifts.

  9. LOVE this 🙂 seriously! I love that it uses velcro… me and velcro, we’re best friends. and I love the colors you used so bright and cheery!! Thanks for the super easy tut!

  10. Dearest sweet terri, this is awesome and such a functional item! Thank you so much for making this tutorial for all of us to enjoy! The instructions and photos are gorgeous and very clear. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  11. I just thought that you should know the pattern does not show up on the page. Thank you for sharing all the other information.

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