Green Grocery Bag Challenge

Did you see Sew,Mama,Sew’s latest promotion called the Green Grocery Bag Challenge? They started a project to encourage people to wrap their holiday gifts in reusable cloth bags.

I’m so happy to see my Simple Tote Tutorial was included in the campaign.

Stop by the The Green Grocery Bag Challenge Facebook page where Sew,Mama, Sew is continuing to offer wrapping ideas, sewing patterns and tips for reducing waste this holiday season. You can also join the GGBC Flickr group to share photos of your own bags and gifts wrapped in reusable bags.

On a related note, I wanted to mention that my reusable bags received some great feedback at my craft show last weekend. I ended up selling about five, and used one for a drawing to giveaway. So give your gifts this year in some adorable handmade bags or clever reusable wrapping!


  • YAY YAY YAY! Congrats on being featured!

  • I did indeed spot your fab tote bag on the Sew Mama Sew site – and as one who has tried and tested it I wholeheartedly agree :0)

    I love this green bag campaign and seeing as how I just bought a load of Christmas fabrics yesterday I am definitely going to give it a go – that’s if I can get my butt into gear as I seem to be stuck in reverse lol.

    Well done on being featured – it is very much deserved :0)

  • Congratulations on being featured. I saw that post but didn’t get a chance to read it. The bag is so pretty, I love the fabric. 🙂

  • Way to go Terri! Those bags are beautiful compared to those ugly plastic ones;)

  • Very cool that your tutorial was included at Sew, Mama, Sew!

  • Having a green Christmas is the most sensible thing. If everyone did something like this we wouldn’t have all that “crap” to put in the bin. Terri your bag is beautiful and congrats on being mentioned on the Grocery Bag Challenge.
    Love your forrest in the previous post. Good luck with it.
    Happy days.

  • Dearest sweet terri, congratz on your featured!! Yipeee and hooorayy! I’ve been using re-useable gift bags for 2 years now…it’s so much fun to make them! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  • Congrats on being part of the green grocery bag challenge!
    I do love the bags you create. They are quite inspiring too 🙂

    ~ Meagan

  • good for you for being included in the campaign. that’s GREAT! i love the idea of using bags as wrapping. especially when they can be reused as grocery or travel bags.

  • I love your bag. I started using the reuseable bags when I go to the food store. But, your bag is really cute. Much better!! I’m glad you had a great craft show. I want to do one, but I haven’t been able to get things made.

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