Living in a Snowglobe

We’ve had so many snowy days lately that I’m starting to feel like we live in a snow globe.

Most days, we just had flurries.

But earlier this week, we had a big snow storm which dropped at least five inches.

Although it really freshened up everything,

I could really go for a day of sunshine now!

UPDATE: The sun has come out today! Thank you for all your wishes – they worked!

15 thoughts on “Living in a Snowglobe

  1. Here’s a toast of Reisling (or some sort of red wine if you prefer!) to Spring!!!

    I am tired of it too And I don’t have SNOW or temps. below ZERO—-just saying. LOL:)

    1. Thanks for the offer of a glass of wine, Sara. I’ll take some Merlot, please! I don’t mind the snow and cold temps around here, which are good for skiing. I actually mind all these grey, cloudy days! Terri

      ~chase your dreams~

  2. So pretty! Love the close-up of the fir tree… Our snow comes tonight, then again on Saturday. Hope it’s a good one! The snow here now is all icy!!

  3. I agree with Sarah! I don’t have the snow or the cold weather but I’m ALREADY ready for spring. I’m ready for my Rainbow flip flops and the BEACH! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live with REAL snow. Every time it snows here the entire city shuts down and everyone stays home…hot coco (or caramel apple cider-my fave!), kids play, adults play, you get the picture! SO here’s a ray of southern sunshine, just for you! Shine on Terri!! Winter will leave eventually!

  4. Well I like seeing your snow pics for we have not had any which is very strange. Now we have had ice. Today once agin we have ice. Everything is closed and so many accidents for those who feel they just can’t stay at home. I can stay at home for now, I look out and see about a half inch of ice on the windshield that has to be scraped before we can go anywhere and that just says stay home. I will say also I am ready for spring. My favorite is spring and fall.

  5. same here! a new inch on the ground this morning. we could sure use the moisture though. it has been quite dry up until recently!

    let’s look forward to spring! 🙂

  6. Hi Terri! Your photos are beautiful but it’s not nice to have snow and cold too much! We didn’t have yet real winter…today +20 and sun! At night it may be near +10 degrees. If it continues like that, we had easy winter. Soon I start to worry that summer begins and too hot – I’m tired for that and would like to change with you! When it’s 3-4 months too hot – you are too tired to do anything!
    So I enjoy now this perfect weather! I hope you get soon sun!

  7. Sun… Blue Skies… That’s what I am craving. Don’t mind the cold – just put a scarf on. Don’t mind the snow – it can look so pretty. BUT… I am getting pretty fed up of grey, grey, grey, dark, dark, dark. I am longing for spring, my garden, soil and new little shoots.

  8. I used to feel guilty about my bear-like tendency to hibernate in January and would fight it. Now I just accept it and know that little other than the absolutely necessary will be done and it’s O.K.! I LOOOOVE those first tiny hints of Spring in February!

  9. I had to smile when i saw your post title, as we’ve been getting a lot of snow here too. (Michigan) Last night we had those big fluffy flakes falling for about an hour, and it was so wonderfully peaceful.

    Cute blog! I love to sew too, and am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your projects.

  10. You guys got a lot! That was the scene here from Christmas to last week. We got a lot of rain this week though so it’s all washed away. I love the snow but I think I’ve had enough for this season. I am ready for SPRING!!

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