Pink Cross Blocks

Did you see my pink cross blocks in the newest issue of Fat Quarterly?

I was so excited to be able to contribute to the designer challenge, which was to make a cross block using only solids.

When I heard about the challenge to make a cross block, I was vacationing in New York City, where I am always inspired by the architecture. I saw different shapes of crosses in the bricks of those ornate facades. Not just one upright with a horizontal bar intersecting it. Crosses with flair on the tips, like the maltese cross.

My first instinct was to make a block with a cream cross on a brown background to match the architecture of those beautiful buildings. But I’m all about color, so that combination felt a little boring. Then I remembered that Pantone recently named Honeysuckle as the color of 2011, writing that it is a color of courage, confidence and vitality, “a brave new color for a brave new world.” That was exactly the feeling I wanted when I looked at this block. So I pulled pink solids from my stash and found the one closest to Pantone’s honeysuckle, pairing it with a hot pink. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I made a second block with the colors switched. I just knew it would look different!

The editors of this issue did an excellent job creating illustrations for the tutorial I submitted to make this block.

If you’re not already a subscriber to this e-magazine that gets delivered to your inbox quarterly, I encourage you to get this issue. It’s full of great ideas for quilting and sewing with solid fabrics!

18 thoughts on “Pink Cross Blocks

  1. How fun! I have seen Fat Quarterly around but haven’t had time to look into it and see what it is. Maybe this weekend I will check it out. 🙂

  2. Oh wow – how fantastic and well done! Soon as I get on big computer I am ordering a copy – I’m so pleased for you. Your block is gorgeous and looks brilliant in pinks – wtg!

  3. Thank you Terri for a tip! These two blocks look so nice and so different when the colours change! That magazine looks very interesting and there is wonderful things on the cover!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  4. AHH you’re published!! That’s awesome! I just bought the issue of FQ this morning and hadn’t gotten a chance to read it…now I’m double hyped! Congrats again 🙂

  5. Nice idea to go with this block instead of the cream and brown colored one. I love the result you received here! Creativity knocked and you definitely answered!

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