Small Projects – Laptop Sleeves

Often times, I forget the smallest things can bring the most joy. Since I only have small pockets of time these days to work on sewing projects (in between classes and homework), I decided to keep things simple by working on small projects.

One of the suggestions I received at the craft show I did last November was to offer a laptop sleeve in my shop.

A padded laptop sleeve has been on my to-make list for awhile, something simple to slide into my backpack.

I’ve been working on two versions with these crazy fun fabrics. My laptop measures 10 inches by 14 inches, so I made the sleeve 11 inches by 15 inches, a perfectly snug fit.

I made a simple small flap closure with velcro. Just need to add a decorative button to the outside of the flap.

I think this is going to be a good way for me to get through the rest of winter until garden season arrives, with small projects to look forward to.

13 thoughts on “Small Projects – Laptop Sleeves

  1. I love those Jungle animal fabrics, never saw those designs before. Two good friends recently got iPads, I am dying to get one, and maybe mostly so I can make cute cases like these to slip it into! Silly, huh?

  2. They look great! My issue is that I’m always looking for a place to chuck my power-cord. It inevitably ends up in my purse (NOT a good place for it) and tangled up!

  3. Very sweet! We never take our laptops out of the house…. now how’s about an iPhone sleeve/pouch…. I’m sure they would go down well too and are an even smaller project for you :0)

  4. Hi Terri, your laptop sleves look great and your fabric selection is just darling. I know how you feel. I enjoy my smaller projects (and swaps!) because I can accomplish more and I can dive into another project sooner and not feel “the quilters quilt” of unfinished projects! Laughing!

    I bet a few I pad sleves would sell good too, I swear by my iPad ( I love how it can sit next to my sewing machine and not get in the way!) I quilted a sleeve for it and what I did was line it with a micro cleaning cloth! So when I slide my iPad into it, it automatically cleans the glass top as I slide it against it. Just an idea to pass along!

  5. Wonderful idea, and very cute fabric. I know the feeling of time. I just don’t no where it keeps going, but it is gone everyday before I know it.
    I have alot to get done and I don’t think I will ever get caught up.
    You are doing very good just getting these made when you are also going to school.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Oh, how wonderful! I love the prints, and I love the simple design of the laptop bag… it would be great for iPads, too!

    I’ll soon be starting my classes, and will be in the same boat. But I have my art journal to work in, and my writing to do, which I can accomplish bits at a time. That’s why they work for me, I think!


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