Chocolate Lollipop Scrap Inventory

I found a few moments of free time recently, so I decided it would be fun to take inventory of my highly treasured chocolate lollipop scrap stash.

It was so fun to lay them out like this to see what I have in each print. By the way, these are just my scraps! I do have larger pieces in my fabric stash.

Since I am terrible at using scraps from my fabric stash, I dove right in and pieced together some patchwork. I think these might end up being a pencil case for art supplies or maybe a notebook cover.

You know me, I love the chocolate lollipop fabric collection designed by Anna Maria Horner back in 2007! I love the bright colors. I love the whimsical designs. I love the name  – chocolate lollipop. Who wouldn’t want to have a chocolate lollipop? Makes me want to run out to the old fashioned candy store to get one. Right now.

13 thoughts on “Chocolate Lollipop Scrap Inventory

  1. Hi Terri, those patches and fabric are really wonderful – so beautiful colours! I’m happy for you having some time with sewing! I’m better today because after some days I did something with my fabrics.
    Have a great week! Teje
    Ps. How did you get rid of that ‘search’ next to your ‘Reading list’ page?

  2. ::sigh:: I heart all AMH 🙂 I really adore that plaid. I think I had a bikini way back in the day that was a similar superbright madras looking print! FUN stuff!

  3. I really like the chocolate lollipop range and I love the bag which I got from your etsy store, it was the name as well as the colours which drew me to it :0)

    Looking forward to seeing what this piece becomes and fun to see you are busting into some of your scraps!

  4. That all looks pretty good from here. Love those fabrics. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it.

  5. Super fun scraps!! I just love fabric…. I miss working in a fabric store, actually. I used to come home with all kinds of crazy remnants! And I spent a lot of money on a lot of them, too!

    You have a great eye for color, Terri! Can’t wait to see what you make of these…

  6. My daughter and I have realllly just started getting into different fabrics (ya know, like visiting designer sites and watching for the release dates on some of the lines) but I, oh so, see it coming with some lines of fabrics for us too :0) They make us happy. Sarah

  7. We should start our Chocolate Lollipop project together (whatever that may be….). That would be fun to be sewing simultaneously with the same fabric even we were making something totally different. We could post simultaneous progress notes, like once a week.

  8. Just popping by to join in on your blog. Recommended by Canton Village quilt works. Great blog. Keep up the good work. Regards Vicki

  9. I can’t wait to see what you make! I have been hoarding my chocolate lollipop but am hoping to make a quilt with it at some point. It’s so hard to cut though!

    I love your new blog background by the way. 🙂 🙂

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