Sunday Stash, Large-Scale Prints

I added a few new pieces of fabric to my stash recently for the first time in months. How could I resist when there was a shop quilt with over 10,000 bolts across the street from our retreat center, complete with a sale section, and coupons.

(my sewing friends confirmed that those prints above are definitely me!)

I like to make bags. I know, there’s a surprise! I’ve been making bigger bags these days, so I started to buy larger cuts of large-scale prints. I love the artsy, hand-drawn look of Alexander Henry fabrics.

It’s a whole new way of fabric shopping.

We stopped at a craft shop that had some great fabrics on sale ($3.00 a yard! 62 cents for 1/4-yard cuts!) I think some of these will make great sketchbook covers and shopping totes, especially if I decide to do a craft fair or two.

Now I need to save as many pennies as possible to stock up on the upcoming Field Study collection.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

A Package From A Friend

I received this package recently from a friend. The envelope didn’t have a return address, but I had an idea who it came from when I looked at the postmark. I know my sewing readers and fabric hoarders out there will appreciate this package.

I had forgotten she offered to share some of her Flea Market Fancy fabric scraps with me. I never bought any of those fabrics the first time they came out, so she was kind enough to share some from her stash. I love the flat, soft colors in this collection, and the simple, whimsical designs. They make me think of gardening and summer days. Some of these prints work well as basics, enhancing a variety of solids and other prints, so it will be fun to incorporate these pieces in a project with more fabrics from my stash. I’m hoping to get a few fat quarters when the second round comes available. Thanks, friend!

Fabric Talk – Critters and Characters

I haven’t purchased a lot of fabric this year, mainly to save money, but also because I already have a ton of fabric on my shelves.

There was one collection that came out this year I couldn’t resist, so I allowed myself to stock up on enough to make a few projects.

I don’t typically buy novelty fabrics, but then, Outfoxed came out. How adorable!

I’ve been a fan of Marisa Haedke‘s artwork and whimsical characters for a few years now. I have one of her night lights and one of her paintings in my sewing room.

When I saw she turned her characters into a fabric collection, Meet the Gang, I couldn’t resist. Equally as adorable!

I bought a fat quarter set of each of these collections, hoping to make a couple fun mini quilts. It’s always inspiring to get a few new fabrics to play with.

Chocolate Lollipop Scrap Inventory

I found a few moments of free time recently, so I decided it would be fun to take inventory of my highly treasured chocolate lollipop scrap stash.

It was so fun to lay them out like this to see what I have in each print. By the way, these are just my scraps! I do have larger pieces in my fabric stash.

Since I am terrible at using scraps from my fabric stash, I dove right in and pieced together some patchwork. I think these might end up being a pencil case for art supplies or maybe a notebook cover.

You know me, I love the chocolate lollipop fabric collection designed by Anna Maria Horner back in 2007! I love the bright colors. I love the whimsical designs. I love the name  – chocolate lollipop. Who wouldn’t want to have a chocolate lollipop? Makes me want to run out to the old fashioned candy store to get one. Right now.

Playing With Scraps

I am terrible at organizing my fabric stash. I am even worse at scrap management. I wish everything was organized by color, but for now it’s just shelved where it fits.

I recently sorted some of my scraps by color and cut them into strips. But so many strips are a little too small to make log cabin blocks or string blocks.

Maybe those small pieces should end up in my snippets bin. But then what?

I also realized I don’t have many light value prints in my stash.

So I find playing with scraps frustrating.

I have even considered chopping up some of my stash just so I have a better scrap pile!

I do have a separate bin where I keep my Sis Boom fabric scraps, which inspires me so much more than my other piles!

And yes, I have another couple bins where I keep my Anna Maria Horner fabric scraps but I have another post planned for that.

Besides a Ticker Tape Quilt, I have been looking for ideas on using small scraps, and guess where I ended up? at this amazing post by Amanda Jean, of course! I’m thinking maybe I should start out with some mug rugs that I could use for gifts. And then some scrappy notecards like these and this one. What do you make with your scraps, especially smaller pieces?

I think I might make some storage cubes to sort my scraps better. How do you organize your scraps, especially smaller pieces?

Getting Organized

I am on a mission – a mission to get my fabric stash re-organized. You know me, I just spent the past way-too-many years working as a paralegal, so I can’t help but be an organized person.

I do have to admit I have let my fabric stash go a little wild, well, okay, maybe just not organized enough for my preference. I think it has been more fun to just enjoy spending time in my sewing room and not worry about my how my stash is organized.

After spending a recent weekend with a good sewing friend, I discovered great fabrics I didn’t even know I owned. Hmm, we decided it was time for me to organize my fabric stash.

I bought some new storage bins.

Now I have drawers for solid fabrics and solid scraps.

A drawer for special fabrics like voile and flannel.

A drawer for novelty fabrics.

A bin for Christmas fabrics and a bin for Christmas scraps.

I spent a little time lately making some new storage cubes.

I even have some fabric buckets with bling to store snippets, trimmings, and tools!

I also have a stylish place to store my snippets (very small scraps) for a future ticker tape quilt.

I still need to take the time to organized the rest of my fabrics, which I will probably do by color.

I’m happy for now to have at least taken inventory and re-learn what’s actually in my stash.

New Projects With Old Stash

I’m excited to finally have a plan for this patchwork piece. I love it when projects are basted and ready to be quilted!

While organizing my fabric stash, I found some strips leftover from a jelly roll, so I decided I should make something with them. I’m not sure if I have enough time or energy to make a set of patchwork placemats, so I might just make a cute table topper for the season.

I also found this orphan block from my husband’s Halloween quilt, so I’m going to add borders to it for a pillow cover. I think he will really love that!

I have a million other projects going on right now, and constant homework to be working on, so I shouldn’t be messing around with my fabric stash. I’m not good at setting aside time to use scraps, so I have renewed excitement with these new patchwork projects with leftovers I found!

Sunday Stash – Need a New Shelf!

As soon as I saw a couple shops had received an early shipment of Innocent Crush quilting cottons, I placed my initial orders.

Two days later, these lovely fabrics arrived at my doorstep.

I love the youth and whimsy of the story behind the collection, something I always love learning from designers and makers. I love the vibrant color range. And I love the artsy-look of many of the prints because they don’t look so digital or computerized.

The voile, velveteen, and home decor prints aren’t due to be shipped until November. I think I’m going to need a new shelf in my sewing room for this collection!

Week Recap

I’ve had a split-personality kind of week!

Dark side first – I know some of you will think I’m crazy for listening to hard rock music. But I love it. I went to a rock concert earlier this week. It was SO much fun!

Now, on to the lighter side – I have also been diligently sewing this week, working on two custom orders for my shop.

I received a request for a set of patchwork chair pads in a shabby chic style. I love shabby chic style, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make this set.

I’ve also been working on that handbag for my insurance agent, like the one I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.

I got some new fabrics this week! These Alexander Henry’s Zanzibar are going to be funky new purses for me.

I don’t know what I’m going to use these Little Folks fabrics for yet, but I loved the color combo (and recent coupon) offered by Fabricworm.

I’m really looking forward to the warm, sunny weekend we’re supposed to have so I can’t wait to spend the days outside in our gardens.

Hope you enjoy the weekend too!