Sketchbook Project – Powder Day Illustrations

Thank you all for your positive feedback on my pencil illustration! I want to share more drawings with you from our next big project, which was to work out a composition with a crowquill pen and dipping ink.

Here was my inspiration photo from a skiing magazine. I love this image because in many ski towns, there is an unwritten powder day rule where you can call in “sick” if the ski trails receive 12 inches of snow. I admit I did that a couple times when I lived in the mountains – it was awesome! Fresh tracks and pow-pow, baby!

Once again, it was all about the process, so first, we had to do a small thumbnail sketch (3-inch square).

Then we had to do a full-page rough pencil sketch.

Then we had to work out the light and shadows on smaller copies using a Sharpie marker. When I practiced on these smaller copies, I realized I enjoyed working with pen more than I thought I would.

Here is my first practice drawing, which had several things I wanted to fix on the next edition, so I did another one.

Here is my final illustration, done on a formal, heavier Bristol paper in a 9×12-inch size. (ready to be framed) This one turned out to have a cool 3-D effect I’m diggin!

I liked this final one so much better, which goes to show that it pays off to practice. I did grow a little tired of working on this drawing over and over again, but I’m happy I kept at it.

13 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project – Powder Day Illustrations

  1. Hi Terri! Your drawings are great and as you said the last one is really good! Only way to leaarn is to do – and I haven’t been drawing ages…
    Have a lovely sunny weekend! Teje

  2. Very nice! I find ink kind of frustrating because I can’t correct things, but yours looks great! That was a lengthy process you went through on this project. I totally understand the getting tired of it once you’ve worked on so much!

  3. ‘Scuse me while I pick my jaw back up off of the floor! These are AWESOME! I love the depth in the shades of black and grey…they’re fabulous! I’m glad the pen and ink turned out to be a GOOD adventure! Powder day sounds like a FANTASTIC tradition, too. We have a similar tradition (ok maybe it’s just high schoolers and beach bums) in NC about the first beach day 🙂 Sure, there’s nothing TANGIBLE like 10 inches of snow, but if you’re REALLY dedicated you can feel it in your bones the first day the ocean is JUUUST right for jumping in!

  4. These are fantastic. You are doing great and I can’t believe your drawings. They are so good. You have no problem in the drawing department. Just love them.
    When are you going to come up with your own line of fabric now?? You can do it -I know you can.

  5. Your patience really paid off, I think I would have been tearing my hair out lol. I am loving these works Terri – the last and final one really does look 3D – wow! Amazing and inspirational work.

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