Sketchbook Project – Powder Day Illustrations

Thank you all for your positive feedback on my pencil illustration! I want to share more drawings with you from our next big project, which was to work out a composition with a crowquill pen and dipping ink.

Here was my inspiration photo from a skiing magazine. I love this image because in many ski towns, there is an unwritten powder day rule where you can call in “sick” if the ski trails receive 12 inches of snow. I admit I did that a couple times when I lived in the mountains – it was awesome! Fresh tracks and pow-pow, baby!

Once again, it was all about the process, so first, we had to do a small thumbnail sketch (3-inch square).

Then we had to do a full-page rough pencil sketch.

Then we had to work out the light and shadows on smaller copies using a Sharpie marker. When I practiced on these smaller copies, I realized I enjoyed working with pen more than I thought I would.

Here is my first practice drawing, which had several things I wanted to fix on the next edition, so I did another one.

Here is my final illustration, done on a formal, heavier Bristol paper in a 9×12-inch size. (ready to be framed) This one turned out to have a cool 3-D effect I’m diggin!

I liked this final one so much better, which goes to show that it pays off to practice. I did grow a little tired of working on this drawing over and over again, but I’m happy I kept at it.

Sketchbook Project – A Pencil Rendering

For my Drawing for Illustration class, we have been working on a project called the Sketchbook Project. We could pick a subject we were passionate about, and use that for inspiration. I chose skiing and hiking for my subject.

At each class, we have to bring five thumbnail sketches (3 inch squares) to class. Our instructor gives us comments and direction, and helps us pick a sketch to work on for a larger composition. Our first formal rendering was using graphite pencils.

The point of these sketches is to get the idea onto paper, to tell a story. Then we work on the technical drawing skills in the larger composition. I will be honest with you, it’s hard to do the smaller sketches and the larger composition. It’s even harder to show these sketches to anyone!

Here is my inspiration photo, which was an ad at the back of a magazine.

Here is my tiny (3-inch square) thumbnail sketch.

Here is one of my rough sketches, which I ended up changing the composition.

Here is my final pencil rendering, which I’m looking forward to framing to preserve.

Our second formal rendering was a similar process using pen and ink, which meant NO erasing. Aahh, sounds scary, I know! It was actually more fun than I thought it would be, especially with a lot of practice. I will show you that piece soon.

Winding Down

After a weekend full of entertaining, my brother, my niece and I decided to go skiing today. It was a fun, exhilarating, and relaxing way to spend a winter day outside.

Did I ever tell you that my all-time favorite thing to do is ski? I LOVE to ski! I learn how when I was about five years old, so it’s in my blood.

I didn’t take any pictures over the holiday weekend because we hosted a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas Day dinner. Things were quite busy in our kitchen! After all those guests and meals, I can’t believe we don’t have many leftovers. Just enough for one meal.

I have a lot to catch up on, so I’m happy to have a quiet week ahead of me. Hope everyone had a wonderfully festive holiday weekend too!

My September Ritual

As soon as the September issue of Ski magazine arrives in my mail, I start to get excited thinking about winter and skiing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m anxious for snow and winter, but I get excited knowing they are coming.

Sept issue of Ski magazine

One of my all-time favorite things to do is downhill skiing. I learned how to ski at age four when my parents put me in ski school in Steamboat Springs on one of our many family road trips to ski in the mountains. Nowadays, I love the cold air rushing through me as I speed over those cliffs and moguls!

Terri on Highland Bowl

(that’s me getting ready to ski off that edge into Highland Bowl)

Ski magazine doesn’t publish any issues in summer, so when the September issue arrives, I get the urge to try on my ski boots and walk around the house.

getting ready for ski season!

I know, you can call me crazy!