Art Cards 2011/14 – Wild Side

My theme for this week’s art cards was based on the color combination of electric blue and hot pink.

I started out with these bright colors, and then did a whimsical illustration as a fun way to express the wild side I try hard to keep hidden inside. I know, I should set her free more often!

I made another card to reflect on some of my favorite things, especially things coming up in the spring and summer seasons.

Just some simple ideas and illustrations this week expressed with fun colors.

Stop by our Flickr group to see what Michelle and Sandra have been doing on their fun art cards.

8 thoughts on “Art Cards 2011/14 – Wild Side

  1. You should set her free all of the time and just be a wild woman lol – why keep her hidden :0)

    Your cards made me smile big this week – I love your smiling face on the portrait card and enjoyed reading all of the summer time loves you have. The pink and blue colour combo is cool.

    Great, happy cards x

  2. The little illustration is so sweet! I love the joyful expression. Your art cards are inspiring me to dust off my art journal and draw something. 🙂

  3. ….we need to be “wild at heART” once in a while..i do like your art cards,especially the bright color..i see some of my favorite things in your words..have a great week

  4. Ohmigoodness! I have shades of middle school binders covered in graffiti (or in my case, collage-d words from magazines) and chucks tattooed with Sharpies! AWESOME cards!

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