Garden Update – Yellow

I continue to find more goodies blooming in our gardens. For this week, my theme turned out to be yellow.

Some yellow buds are welcome sights to see, like this forsythia shrub.

Other yellow blooms are not welcome at all!

Some yellow bulbs ended up being a nice surprise. I love finding bulbs bloom in places where I didn’t plant them.

It’s going to be fun to find treasures in my garden based on a color theme. Most of our daffodils are still blooming like crazy, so the next round of bulbs to open will probably be tulips, which could take a few more days, since we’re still waiting for temps to warm up!

13 thoughts on “Garden Update – Yellow

  1. Love the color. Yellow is so bright. I am glad you are seeing Spring now . This last winter we have seen all sorts of strange weather. I am praying our Spring and summer are not as strange. You have a great week.

  2. Yellow is my favorite color. I have around 12 gerbera daisies around my maple tree in our front yard:) look forward to seeing the tulips next.

  3. I miss the forsythias! We had a HUGE hedge of these back in KY, but no one seems to have them out here in CA. Yours are beautiful!

  4. my goodness~beautiful!
    it’s close to impossible here in Arizona to grow anything but weeds.
    It’s supposed to hit 100 already tomorrow 😦

  5. Hi Terri! Yellow is amazing colours! In the garden it’s so sunny and beautiful! We have this time so much yellow colour around us in the nature!
    Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  6. Are you doing colour schemes? Neat idea. Lovely flowers though I had to laugh at the dandelion as I just de-headed and removed (as best as you can… those roots!!!) about 10 at the weekend.

  7. So fantastic!! I love the cheery yellow-just like sunshine! We’re actually having a cold snap here and I’m hoping all my blooms {read: berry blossoms} don’t feel the shock too much!

  8. Beautiful daffodils! When I was small and we lived in Oklahoma, we had forsythia. It’s funny, because I’m not a gardener, although I love flowers, but in all the places we have lived, I most often associate my memories of a certain place with the flowers my parents planted there.

  9. Beautiful yellow flowers, such a happy color. I hope it continues to warm up for you. It’s suppose to be 98 here today. Ugh!

  10. I think we can all relate to the dandelions! he, he!

    Love the blooms, daffodils are always such a wonderful spring welcome! I can’t wait to see what other surprises you find!


  11. Hello Terri,

    Lovely colours in different bulbs. Interesting to see the Forysthia, I had seen that on another blog and asked about it and here it is again.
    Happy days.

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