Wildlife Refuge Game

The final project for my concept development class was to design a board game that we could play in class. I don’t play board games too much anymore, so I wasn’t sure where to start. I bought a box of animal crackers, thinking I could use the cute animal cookies for player pieces. But I don’t like circuses, so I wanted to come up with another idea.

Then I considered doing a “day at the zoo” theme, so I started to illustrate my board to look like a zoo map. After watching an interesting show on the Animal Planet channel about sea life, I decided to make a game about wildlife trivia.

I searched for little figures that looked like safari people with no luck, so I used player pieces from another game that we never play.

I found some shiny red cardstock I cut into rectangles for the path and animal print cardstock I used to print the game rules, trivia cards, and answer key.

To top it off, I made a set of drawstring bags out of this fabulous zebra print to hold all the little pieces, trivia cards and rules – proof that I actually have been sewing a little lately!

I’ve never designed a game before, so I loved coming up with ideas and figuring out ways to make this playable and fun. This project was a lot of work with a short deadline, but I’m happy with how it turned out. We played a round in class, when I found out I needed to adjust the wording on a couple trivia cards, which was great feedback. I also learned we could use about 100 more trivia cards, which I will have to make available in the second edition!

21 thoughts on “Wildlife Refuge Game

  1. Great job Terri. That is really cool. Great for all ages to play. You didn’t leave out any details.

  2. I love the animal print cards too!! I used to have my kids make games for an “alternative” book report when I was teaching English. By FAR one of my favorite projects to grade-good professor you’ve got! It looks fantastic-A+ from me!

  3. This sounds like a really fun assignment. I’m a little jealous of your classes — mine seem to recycle the same assignments over and over (book covers, CD covers, business cards, etc.).
    I think this turned out great!

  4. What an awesome project! You did a fabulous job, Terri! I love the graphic look of the board, with the animal shapes on it and the red dotted path. Maybe you could go to a party store to find some figurines to use? Even animal ones would be cool. I recognize the Sorry pieces, ha ha. I love your solution to the project!! Looks like it would be fun to play!

  5. Goodness . . . you sure get fun assignments! This turned out really cute. If you get the answer wrong, does a lion attack you and you have to move back two spaces?

  6. Hi Terri! That was interesting project! You found great idea with animals and the zoo and made a wonderful game!
    Have fun playing time! xxx Teje

  7. Fantastic product development Terri – you managed to make a fun and educational game and present it in a real eye catching way. Love all of the little animals on the board and the matching bag and cards add that extra special touch.

  8. I love this. I think I would have a hard time creating a board game but at the same time would love the challenge. You’ve thought of everything and I love the little drawstring bag and animal print cards. 🙂

  9. Wow! Terri that sounds like you really worked hard on your game. I think it turned out great. Looks like a fun time!!
    Keep up the good work in your school work. I’m sure you are really busy!!

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