Garden Update – Pink

Pink is a common color in gardens, especially in spring. It’s also one of those colors that you either love or hate. (I love it, by the way.)

I think pink tulips are so cheerful and charming.

Last year, I planted primroses in hopes that they would bloom early in spring. I was getting worried because I didn’t see any signs of life until a few days ago. Thank goodness! We have a yellow, white and pink variety lining the sidewalk up to our front porch.

So happy to see our magnolia shrub coming back to life. It’s a new plant in our yard, and we weren’t sure it was going to thrive.

I love this combination of pink and yellow tulips. Those yellow tulips have a delicate pink tip that looks like someone went out there with a fine tip marker.

Speaking of yellow and pink, these blushing beauty tulips are my favorites.

More pink flowers just started to bloom this week, including our bleeding hearts.

Most magnificent of all, our crab apple tree is blooming.

Many reasons why spring is my favorite time of year!

12 thoughts on “Garden Update – Pink

  1. The blushing beauty tulips are heavenly!! May have to check into some of those when I plant bulbs in the fall here. Your garden is so pretty!!

  2. I heart pink! I didn’t when I was a little girl, you know, when it was “important” but I LOVE it now! Those blushing tulips are fantastic, so delicate and pretty! Such a sweet pink post 🙂

  3. I love pink and I love your pink garden update – the crab apple tree is certainly a treat with it’s beautiful red buds earlier on in the year and then all of these beautiful pink flowers.

  4. Hello Terri,
    Oh who doesn’t love pink. The magnolia is stunning. Isn’t it amazing how things just pop us and delight us.
    Happy days.

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