Art Cards-Weeks 19 and 20

Last week marked the end of my semester and my brother’s graduation from graduate school, so I used those occasions as inspiration for my art cards.

I know my brother’s achievement of getting his Master’s degree is still sinking in for him. I personally feel one step closer to becoming an artist with all the creative challenges I went through this semester.

I have been wanting illustrate seed packets for a few months, so I created a set of art cards to look like seed packets.

I used two of my favorite flowers for inspiration – morning glories and moonflowers.Ā I planted the seedlings in the ground recently, so I hope they grow as well outside as they did in their indoor seed kits.


  • Very nice drawings Terri! Good luck with your flowers.

  • Hi Terri! Lovely cards again and I love that ‘artist cannot fail’! I’m so happy for you to have those art classes to join and you are an artist with all your creations!
    xxx Teje

  • You are an artist already šŸ™‚ and always have been (now you are just letting her out to play more!) Though I agree that through learning techniques and challenging yourself you are more confident in your abilities and talents.

    Fantastic art cards – Mike’s graduation card is great with the silhouette. I also love your positive affimation artist card.

    The seed packet cards are adorable – I love the names of those flowers and the way you have illustrated them. I’m going to be a moonflower tonight as it is approaching 10pm and I’m just about to start my art card post lol.

    Hope you’re having a great time.
    Love Shell x

  • Beautiful illustrations. You must be so proud of your brother!

  • I love the positivity that comes through in these art cards! The seed packets are especially cool; the dimensioning (is that a word?) really shows!

  • These are great Terri! i always make my own greeting cards for my family. They’re not usually that pretty though! Great job….also love the ones that look like seed packets…supercute!

  • Love the seed packets Terri, I would rush out and by some seeds if they looked as pretty as yours.
    happy days.

  • Love the seed packets! Those are two of my favorites, too:)

  • I like the seed packets a lot! Morning glories get to be quite invasive in California, so we couldn’t really plant them without very close attention… but I do love the flowers!! The moonflowers look a bit like a “weed” we had in California that we had to pull out all the time because they’d choke out everything else. That’s the problem with zones where it never freezes, I suppose!!

  • thecraftshouse

    Hi Terri
    your artwork is great,really like the seed packet idea, i am behind this week with art cards but ahead with orders….one week i’ll be ahead with everything, or at least a balance

  • I love them all Terri but the seed packet ones are my favorite!! They would be so cute framed on a wall. šŸ™‚

  • You are doing wonderful on your art projects. It is a great idea to keep yourself challenged through the summer. I know you will be showing us some wonderful things, and I look forward to seeing your progress! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Sorry, I have fallen behind in my reading… my challenge this summer is to keep up with things! lol!

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