Shop Update

I am excited to share lots of shop updates with you today!

First up, I added a whole bunch of sketchbooks to the shop, from reusable moleskin covers to these fun cereal box sketchbooks. They are about 4.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall, with 50 sheets of paper in each spiral-bound book. They have been featured here!

Here’s a small sample of fun NEW moleskin covers with handmade sketchbooks included.

The smaller ones fit a 3.5-inch by 5.5inch notebook. The size in the middle is a custom 6-inch square.

By the way, NEW slipcover styles and sets coming soon, so stay tuned!

Then, I started making a couple new party purses over Spring Break (back in March!), which I finally finished and added to my shop.

These are very similar to the purse I’ve been carrying the past couple months – perfect size (7 inches tall by 9 inches wide) for going out!

I also started making prototype of two new purses over spring break, and finished them recently as well.

These purses are also 9 inches wide by 7 inches tall, but they have a 2-inch gusset, making them roomy for carrying more purse stuff.

What a relief to finally have all these new items in my shop!

I put a couple laptop bags on sale (20% off) recently. If you’re in need of a new bag, stop by for a looksy. Speaking of laptops, my Pink Lady laptop bag has been featured in a Summer Pink Treasury!

Next on my list was to finish a custom laptop sleeve ordered by a friend and fellow classmate. I love how it turned out so I can’t wait to deliver it.

Finally, I have decided to offer my products as PDF to Print patterns! I’ve received several requests and encouragement from several other people to offer patterns, so that is the next big step I will be working on.

Hope you are keeping busy with creative fun too!

12 thoughts on “Shop Update

  1. Wow, Terri! You’ve been working hard! I love everything you’ve made!! Very inspiring… I need to get on the ball with some new stuff for my Etsy shop. All my books went to the gallery’s inventory.

    The black purse is awesome!!!!

  2. Those cereal box sketchbooks are adorable! Your shop looks great, too.
    The best of luck with the PDF patterns! That’s pretty cool:)

  3. Cute cute cute!! You know I’m a sucker for ANYTHING Anna Maria Horner 🙂 The notebooks look fantastic and at the moment I’m plotting a grocery store run for some sugar-filled goodness of my own!

    P.S. I am totally crushing on the new header!!

  4. Busy, busy! PDF patterns sound great — and are ultimately a much more scalable business model.Love the new header as well!!

  5. You keep very busy. I really like that pink. The bags are all great. You have so much talent. How wonderful. Hope your summer is great. Are you taking on some classes or a break? I see you used a little sherpert pips fabric. I so love that fabric.

  6. I’m so pleased Joanna commented on your new header as I usually view in mobile mode but switched to regular… It’s fantastic – absolutely love it.

    Well done on getting so many new items added to your shop and being featured – everything looks awesome and the fabric sketchbook/notebook covers are highly recommended – I just bought a new moleskin notebook to go in the pink campervan cover so now I have beautiful slip covers for both my diary and my notebook.

    Can’t tell you how excited I am to hear about the forthcoming pattern release – I hope they do really well and I’ll be first in line as I’d love to be able to actually make things other than mini quilts out of my experimentations but I don’t have the technical knowhow – hopefully with your patterns to guide me I’ll be able to 🙂

    Well done my friend.

  7. You’re killin’ me with cuteness in this shop update. I need to buy some things before someone else beats me to it! I’m not saying WHAT I’m buying because I don’t want to give anyone a heads up. 🙂

  8. Hi Terri! You have been busy and made so many wonderful things! Those new moleskin covers are beautiful and so great with the pen! Your new look is beautiful!
    Have a lovely summer time!
    xxx Teje

  9. You always pick such beautiful fabric. I love all your new products and that is such a great idea to offer PDF patterns as well. 🙂
    p.s. I love the new header too! The font looks like handwriting.

  10. Wow, lots of new things for the shop! It really takes some time to put together new items. Looks like you are doing great! How have sales been for you? Reason I ask, I’ve been involved with some groups from Etsy and Artfire, and most are having some problems with sales. Just wondered if you have picked up, or slowed down.

    Take care,


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