Art Cards – Week 23 – Gardens and Travels

What a difference the sunshine makes to me! I had the most unproductive Saturday in my history, which I’m blaming on the damp, cloudy weather. Today the sun in shining, so naturally, I feel 100 percent better.

I didn’t do anything significant last week, other than apply for jobs and make a couple new bags. We had a really big thunderstorm come through our area that caused the power to go out for several hours. That would have made cool inspiration for a set of art cards, but I didn’t think about that idea until I started writing this post. Doh!

I had two different sources of inspiration for my art cards this weekend.

My first inspiration came from my garden, which is always changing. I did a messy little illustration of a few alliums, and then I found a perfect quote that I just wrote in my natural handwriting, which I’m trying to like better. I’ve never been a fan of my own handwriting, whether it’s cursive or printing. But with all these art projects I’ve been working on lately, I really want to like my own handwriting!

My second inspiration came from my travels and my terrible packing skills. I tend to overpack my suitcase, or just don’t put things in there in a more compact way. I’ve been thinking about buying a smaller suitcase, just to limit the amount of stuff I can actually bring on a trip. How much stuff do you need anyway?!

Check out what my art card buddies  Michelle and Sandra have been adding to our Flickr group – so cool to see our variety of styles, inspirations and techniques.

Wishing you a sunny day too!

11 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 23 – Gardens and Travels

  1. I think a lot of us don’t like our own handwriting! We like each others though-lol!

    When you move as much as me you learn to pack very lightly–just sayin;)

    Enjoy the sunshine!

    1. Thanks Sara. I’ve actually moved over 15 times throughout my life, so I’m used to that. What I’m not used to is packing my suitcase lightly when traveling.

  2. Where I live, the entire month of June usually begins very grey and dreary, and then, like magic, a beautiful day appears! I am enjoying being outside and gardening and crocheting and reading, BEFORE we hit our triple digits!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. The weather can be such an influence on us can’t it – it’s amazing how a little sunshine can lift the spirits. I love your suitcase art card (is that an ink wash?) I like the style of that one very much. Ahhhh, your alliums – those are such lovely flowers. I like travelling light – there’s less stuff to lose that way lol.

    1. Thanks Shell! It really is amazing how much the sunshine has an effect on my mood. That cold damp cloudy day we had yesterday made me feel crappy physically and crabby too!

      I just used a pen and black watercolor on that suitcase card. I haven’t done ink wash in awhile, so I should get my crowquil, brush and ink well out again.

      I’m lucky Dave will carry my suitcase if I’ve overpacked, and then I carry his suitcase. It’s a nice arrangement, but I wish I were a lighter packer when traveling!

  4. The more I travel, the better my packing becomes. When I had to travel through Europe with my sister, that was intense. We would be in several different cities/towns/countries, with fancy dress clothing required, as well as standard travel wear, and we’d be going by planes, trains, buses, and on foot. We had to pack as lightly as possible, and give ourselves as many options as possible since we would be there during changeable seasons. (Right between spring & summer.) What an experience!

    I love the alliums!! Your handwriting is a lot like mine. I find that it helps vary how it looks if I space it out more… change a letter or two, like “a”s, which can be written a couple different ways. Good luck. I’m with you… I like other people’s handwriting more than my own!

  5. ..traveling light was just for me!!how much can i cram into our car for the visit to our daughter!!my husband laughed when i art bag needs to go in first..i have less clothes than art stuff for a week!!

  6. My favorite alliums! I don’t do many things neatly, but I can pack a mean bag:)

    Your printing looks pretty good to me. The only time I use cursive is to sign my name, it’s so bad!!

  7. Dearest sweet terri, your cards are beautiful!! So happy that the sun is up and your feeling inspired. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy week ahead and love to you!

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