A Little Art

I started painting art cards again! I noticed on Instagram that Victoria Johnson started a project called A Little Art, where you create a tiny piece of art everyday. These tiny pieces of art measure 2.5″ x 3.5″ or scraps of watercolor paper I have leftover from other projects. So far I’ve been using watercolors and gouache, along with the occasional Micron pens to add a few details.

Here’s Days 1 – 7:

Week1I haven’t illustrated any art cards since my weekly project in 2011, so this has been a great warm up. I’m not sure I will be able to do a new piece of art every day, but it will be fun to try. Happy tiny drawing and painting!


July Inspirations

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. We’ve been having fun with family from out of town visiting us for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

We went to our famous farmers market on Saturday, and I finally found berries in season!

We were amazed at the size of these beautiful stargazer lilies adorning bouquets for sale.

There was an early crop of colorful tomatoes.

We were also surprised to see such a variety of mushrooms available.

Family time and surprises at the market were great inspiration for my art cards this week. (along with a little Ed Emberley doodle, which is the dude carrying a flag, as if marching in a parade!)

My sister-in-law and I gorged on summer fruit all weekend. We also made the tastiest watermelon slushy, a recipe I will definitely share soon.

Three cheers for the fabulous month of July and more beautiful summer flowers and crops!

Art Cards – Week 24 – A Trail and A Cousin

For the first time in awhile, I managed to keep busy and on-task last week, thanks to the to-do list I made. Since it works well for me, that will be my new weekly routine, to make a list on Sunday night of the things I need to accomplish for the week.

One day last week, I made a spontaneous decision to go for a long bike ride. It was one of the highlights of my week, so I thought it was good inspiration for my first art card, which turned out to be a dreamy image of a trail with a cool quote I found.

At the end of the week, I went to visit my cousin Kim who has been going through some difficult times. It was really great spending the afternoon with her and my mom. We are the same age and were the closest of friends growing up, like sisters. We still remain close, but live farther apart these days, so we don’t get to see each other as often. I thought it would be fun to use an old photo of us from our high school graduation party to illustrate side 2 of my card, which turned out to be a goofy little image of us.

Check out the art my creative buddies Michelle and Sandra have been adding to our Flickr group – I love seeing our variety of styles, inspirations and techniques.

Here’s to another productive week!

Art Cards – Week 23 – Gardens and Travels

What a difference the sunshine makes to me! I had the most unproductive Saturday in my history, which I’m blaming on the damp, cloudy weather. Today the sun in shining, so naturally, I feel 100 percent better.

I didn’t do anything significant last week, other than apply for jobs and make a couple new bags. We had a really big thunderstorm come through our area that caused the power to go out for several hours. That would have made cool inspiration for a set of art cards, but I didn’t think about that idea until I started writing this post. Doh!

I had two different sources of inspiration for my art cards this weekend.

My first inspiration came from my garden, which is always changing. I did a messy little illustration of a few alliums, and then I found a perfect quote that I just wrote in my natural handwriting, which I’m trying to like better. I’ve never been a fan of my own handwriting, whether it’s cursive or printing. But with all these art projects I’ve been working on lately, I really want to like my own handwriting!

My second inspiration came from my travels and my terrible packing skills. I tend to overpack my suitcase, or just don’t put things in there in a more compact way. I’ve been thinking about buying a smaller suitcase, just to limit the amount of stuff I can actually bring on a trip. How much stuff do you need anyway?!

Check out what my art card buddies  Michelle and Sandra have been adding to our Flickr group – so cool to see our variety of styles, inspirations and techniques.

Wishing you a sunny day too!