Inspiration from the Paint Store

I like going to the paint store to look at the paint chips and brochures. The last time I went to the paint store, I looked at these brochures with a different purpose – inspiration for sewing and quilting projects!

I love the southwest vibe of these colors together. Reminds me of the colors we would see when we lived in western Colorado. sigh…

I love the modern feel of this simple color combination – black, grey, gold and taupe.

I like to take a step back and reflect on the feeling I get when I encounter a color or combination of colors. Some colors are cheerful together, others are calming.

Here’s an example of a paint color scheme I like, and the fabrics I could match from my stash. Definitely a spring color combination.

Here’s another stack of fabrics I picked from my stash that most closely matched the paint chips from that brochure.

I made my favorite block, a wonky/maverick star, into a mini quilt with these colors. I’m not a big fan of yellow, so I did a string-pieced center to ensure these colors could take turns being next to each other. I also did a scrappy binding which frames this star nicely. This was a fun exercise because I love how this combo turned out!

I think it’s fun to discover new sources of inspiration. It’s also fun to challenge myself with new color combinations I may not try on my own. I’m definitely going to try this with more of the paint chips I collected.

20 thoughts on “Inspiration from the Paint Store

  1. Since purple and yellow are complimentary colors on the color scale, they usually will look good together… great job! I love the way you found a color palette you liked and then worked with it! Your project turned out beautifully!

  2. Love that block. Those colors do go together good. How fun to play with color, and fabric. You always find so many ways of finding color and putting colors together from the color palette. GREAT JOB

  3. When I went to Home Depot this week, Abby and Amanda spent the whole time in the paint department and came home with handfuls of those paint chips!

  4. What an extremely cool idea – looking at paint combos for color inspiration! I love it and would never have thought of that! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. I am still learning how to pick coordinating colors for my quilts. What great idea!! I see a trip to Home Depot or Lowes coming real soon. I’ll have to make sure to leave my husband at home, though. I would hate for him to think I’m wanting to repaint the house 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I love the spring colour combo that you picked out from the paint brochures – I like the softness of it. Such a great idea for helping to pick out colours which really appeal and seeing how they work together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I love paint chips too! I have stacks of them. But I really like the brochures as well–awesome color inspiration. So…if you’re not quite sure you want a long-term relationship with the yellow, um, you know my address…I’ll give it a really good home. Oh, and can you believe I have NEVER made a maverick star? I know. I can’t believe it either!

  8. I love how so many quilters/sewers in general do the paint chip inspiration thing! I was having a lot of trouble picking out colors for our house and had chips and fans of color all over the house for weeks…and when I thought I had everything figured out I looked up (to the quilt hanging off our balcony-my “design wall”) and realized all all my “house colors” were actually my current quilt colors!

    I love the block-it reminds me of fresh blackberry raspberry lemonade 🙂

  9. That is such a wonderful idea! I’ll be looking at paint chips a little differently from now on!

    I love the wonky star you did, and string piecing the center was a fabulous idea! I love how it turned out!

  10. Hi Terri,

    Oh I love your block and how you got your ideas. Don;t know that I could live with that purple/pink ceiling though in the paint catalogue.
    Happy creating.

  11. Hi Terri! Me too – I love colours and colour shops with their lists and photos!
    Your mini quilt became a real beauty – looks fun to make it thinking colours like you did!
    xxx Teje

  12. Dearest sweet terri, i love going to paint store and look at their gorgeous brochures too! They always have gorgeous color inspiration for new projects! I am loving your gorgeous star block! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  13. This is a fun challenge/exercise! I love collecting paint chips. I have a passel of them. 🙂 it’s fun to take the single ones and play with color combos that way, too.

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