Adding To My Fabric Stash

I haven’t purchased much fabric this year, so I’m excited to share some new treasures I’ve added to my stash over the past few months.

First up, I was so impressed with my local quilt shop when I found out they are carrying Anna Maria Horner‘s new Loulouthi collection. I rarely buy fabrics for the backing before I make a quilt, so I’m happy to have yardage of that brown print on the bottom of this stack to back a future quilt with.

These are the fabrics I bought at Gruber’s Quilt Shop over my quilting retreat weekend. I picked up the Anna Maria print from the Good Folks collection first (one the far right), and then coordinated the rest with it, most of which ended up going into my Maverick Star Wallhanging. I didn’t use that polka dot print in the middle, so it will be a great basic addition to my stash.

I always need more basics in my stash, so I picked out this next stack for fun.

I missed out on the Flea Market Fancy craze so I decided to buy a few of my favorite prints from Denyse Schmidt‘s fabric collection for JoAnn’s. I think they will work well as basics too.

I also bought some silly summer prints to make a couple gift ideas I have in mind.

Finally, I almost forgot that I have a set of the Habitat fabrics by Jay McCarroll.

LOVE this collection, especially the drop cloth print!

I love that Jay’s fabrics don’t follow a collection formula, and I love the color schemes he put together.

That should keep me busy for awhile!

13 thoughts on “Adding To My Fabric Stash

  1. i can see you as a Habitat person! The fabric fits you well:)

    Like your new background on your blog:)

  2. oh my Terri now you are talking my language I love fabric stashes. I love to look at how pretty they are stacked nicely and neatly! I have a pretty big stash as well. I don’t know the designers as well as you do but I buy the fabric to make pillowcases for kids with cancer. If you ever have a stash and you don’t know what to do with it this might be a good group for you to sew a few for. If you are interested let me know.

  3. Beautiful additions to your stash. I still cannot believe I have not added any Habitat to my stash. There are some prints in that line that I absolutely adore. And when I finally convince myself to buy them, they will be long glone…

  4. I really love those black and whites you got. I would love to have you pick up fabrics for my stash. Next year at Gruber’s, I’m going to give you an allowance and ask you to go pick some fabrics for me. Pick what you like and buy it for me with the allowance. 🙂 I LOVE that polka dot and wanted some, but I couldn’t find anymore!

  5. Love all your new fabric! I just completed a project with Loulouthi, and it’s SO pretty. Love the whole line! I also recently picked up some DS for JoAnn’s. Also pretty!!! Love those Jay McCarroll prints as well!

  6. Great fabric choices!!! I can’t wait to get my set of Habitat fabrics for the MQG challenge. Cute picture of you on the ATV!

  7. Terri-
    I like your fabrics!!! I really LOVE Jay McCarroll’s fabrics. Can’t wait for tonight. Project Runway starts! Have fun sewing up your fabrics.

  8. It has been a good year for fabric, hasn’t it? I’m scared to put all of my hoardings from the year up on the ol’ blog…I’ve got a lot of new fabric without a lot of new projects to show for it!

    Great stash 🙂

  9. It’s fun to see all your new fabrics. You have a very nice variety there! I may need to get some loulouthi after seeing yours. It’s so rich and vibrant. The DS prints you bought are my very favorites of the whole line! Love them!

  10. Ooooh I love, love, LOVE Habitat. I am still in hoarding phase of it but have a quilt project in mind for the future. I think mid August when my schedule returns to normal I’ll be able to sew again.
    If you want some Flea Market Fancy I have a couple of the prints I would happily send you just email me your address sometime. I think they are fat quarters and maybe a fat eighth but I don’t have time to put them on Etsy or the swap group so I’d like to give them to someone that will use them. 🙂

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