Garden Update

It seems like I haven’t shared a garden update in awhile.

Since my last post showing you our lily collection, we continue to have coneflowers, which last so much longer than many other flowers in our gardens.

The phlox have joined in the summer fun.

I always forget where these are planted in our gardens, so I have come close to pulling them, thinking they were weeds.

We had a super hot July around here, so I didn’t spend as much time hanging out in our yard as I would normally.

On those hot days, it was just refreshing to see so much green out there.

I never tire of looking outside, especially in summer!

8 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Your yard looks so nice. We have had nothing but extreme heat here. I can’t ever remember this many days with temps this high.
    There will be no green here unless temps go down and we see rain. It would take weeks of a good steady rain to even think anything would turn green. It has been so bad here our trees are even showing signs of stress. It is awful.
    I hope the rest of your summer is good and not to hot for you all.

  2. Love the phlox! Smell is fantastic,but you knew that! I had some stock,but it was too hot go figure!

    I would love to visit your garden;)

  3. Hi Terri! Your garden looks beautiful! I love the wooden fence and the big trees, where you can have a lovely time sitting under them! And the flowers – so beautiful! xxx Teje

  4. Your yard looks wonderful – spacious, pretty, welcoming – just beautiful. I love those cone flowers – the colours are so soft and dreamy. And it was a treat to see your garden girl too – she is ever so pretty. It’s so fun to see the similarities between the plants in our two gardens – you can be sure I’ll be adding some cone flowers to mine next year 🙂

  5. Hello Terri,

    A lovely green view. Your phlox is beautiful. Always great to have plants that love your garden.
    Hope it has cooled down for you. Nothing like looking forward to the next Season.
    Happy days.

  6. Me either….especially after having lived out west for so long…it’s so dry and brown there in the summer. I always missed the lush greenness of the midwest (though I loved lots of things about living out west). I am envious of your garden!

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