Art Cards – Week 31 – Enrich, Experience

My art cards for week 31 are based on two words I chose to represent the past couple weeks I’ve had.

For Side 1, I chose the word Enrich, which means to make rich or make richer. I used a stencil for the lettering and painted a lively background with warm colors.

For Side 2, I chose the word Experience, which means observation, participation, to find out, to discover. I used the same stencil for the lettering to tie the two sides together and painted another lively background using cool colors on this side.

I wanted to use these words for my prompts, but I couldn’t visualize images to represent what these mean to me, so I chose to work with colors and little details to complement the words and frame the cards. It was one of those experiments where I knew the feeling I want to convey versus an image I may want to illustrate, so I just went with the flow, feeling out what to try next.

Be sure to check out our Flickr group to see what  Michelle and Sandra have been creating.

7 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 31 – Enrich, Experience

  1. Sometimes it’s near impossible to come up with an illustration for such words – but I think making the word a focus can be equally as powerful and meaningful. I really like your colour choices and doodles – sounds like you are having a fun time with these two positive words! 🙂

  2. Are you making cards EVERY week? It’s probably fun to make something small that you can finish quickly. I started making 8 x 10 journal quiltlets . . . I’m still on my first one after more than a year! Ugh!

  3. Hi Terri,

    Two lovely chosen words for your cards. Glad to see how you get inspired with these words. Love the blue/green toned card.
    Happy days.

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