Art Cards – Weeks 32 and 33 – Changes

I’ve been changing courses quite a bit over the past few months, so that was my inspiration for last week’s art cards for week 32. You never know when your life might change course.

You can plan all you want, but there’s no predicting new and unanticipated directions that come up.

I’m learning the importance of being flexible and adapting to change, which made illustrating this set of cards more fun.

These cards seem a little more abstract than other illustrations I’ve done, which I like because it makes me feel like I’m not relying on being so literal.

* * * * *

For week 33, I was thinking about how to fit in all of the favorite things I like to do over the course of a day, a week, or a month.

I’m trying to find space on my bookshelves to fit everything into a 24-hour day, 7-day week.

I’ve was also reflecting on a recent adventure of hiking in the woods, always a great way to spend a day.

I have lots of things going on these days… or maybe I just have too many interests… nah!

9 thoughts on “Art Cards – Weeks 32 and 33 – Changes

  1. I love your bookshelf of life – ingenious! I love the notion of how activities are like books and you can take one off the shelf and get absorbed in it for a while.

    Also diggin the abstract cards – if there was no change there’d be no butterflies so it’s better to try and go with the flow than fight the currents, especially when the change ‘has to be’. I really like the wind Rose…

    Take time to explore and also take time to relax dear sweet Terri – much love, Shell x

  2. Hello Terri,

    Catching up with your happenings.Love and adore the quilt in the previous post. I want a bookshelf like yours,nice cards.
    Happy days.

  3. Hi Terri! You have found again great way to put your thoughts and feelings in those tiny cards! Beautiful work!
    I have left out the painting from my ‘bookself’ and even I was thinking to continue to paint in autumn, I think I leave it and focus more to sewing which I enjoy so much lately! And some knitting is necessary now and then!
    xxx Teje

  4. I hope most of your changes are happy ones! It’s so hard to go with the flow sometimes. It’s also hard for some of us to break out of the literal zone! Beautiful cards again:) I especially like the compass.

  5. I agree with you, too many interests-nah!! That is the creative trait isn’t it?!

    Great drawings for the week:)

  6. I totally agree with your card art..its a total balancing act trying to fit everything in and finding time to explore

  7. I love the bookshelf!! I’m scared to think about what would show up on my bookshelf lately…lot of changes around here too! But changes are good, right? Maybe that’s why you sound so calm and peaceful, you’ve taken the time to sit down and take a look at your life while you draw it! Beautiful!!

  8. Awesome! I love the “change” cards! I think you did a great job on all of them. Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback on my last blog post! I really appreciate it!!! Xox

  9. Great bookshelf idea. My own bookshelf is crammed full like that. How to fit it all in? It’s so hard sometimes . . . Oh, and I love your Floating Stars quilt. It turned out great!

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