Garden Revival

One thing I am most passionate about is the outdoors, especially spending time in my own garden these days. I’m happy to share a few more discoveries from our gardens lately.

First up, our primroses are coming back to life. They typically bloom in spring, when the temperatures are cool.

They got fried by the hot sun in July, so seeing them bloom again now makes me realize our temps have been cooling off enough for these plants to revive.

My favorite discovery was finding our woodland poppy blooming again. Also a spring-blooming flower, I was happy to find a few new blooms shining through these beautiful ground-cover leaves.

Our dwarf hydrangea trees bloom in late summer.

They are such cute little trees, only about 4-5 feet tall with dainty blossoms that bounce in the fall breeze.

This is also the time of year when our ornamental grasses really start to take off and get huge!

The best thing about making these particular discoveries is that these are from low-maintenance plants, requiring no work from me for them to continue to thrive like this. This late in the summer season as we move into Fall, I tend to get a little burned out on gardening, so it’s nice to sit back and watch everything go through the seasonal changes and revive on their own.

5 thoughts on “Garden Revival

  1. I love being surprised by plants and flowers! I love that woodland poppy! I’ve never seen one before! It’s so pretty! Thank you for sharing your living treasures! I guess you guys aren’t getting all the rain we’re getting here on the east coast. It’s been pretty crazy. Another tropical storm system moved in after a week of sun (post Irene) and now everything is flooding again!

  2. How lovely to be able to enjoy these blooming again! Double the pleasure and especially as they are pretty much taking care of themselves. It’s a little scary how quickly autumn is creeping up on us isn’t it – another year is flying by!!!! September already- eeeeks – seems like 2 minutes ago we were welcoming in the new year. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful garden plants.

  3. The same thing is happening in my yard! The heat killed almost everything but now that the temperatures are cooling off my flowers are popping back out.
    I love the fuzzy ornamental grass in the last photo by the way. I may need to get some of those around my house. 🙂

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