Art Cards – Week 35 – Work Hard, Play Hard

My theme for this week’s illustrations is Work Hard, Play Hard.

Work Hard – Love being able to wear my Chucks to work.

Play Hard – I got lucky with three days off in a row.

I worked hard last week, so I’ve been enjoying my time off to play. Went for a hike. Worked on some art projects. Ate some ice cream. Lounged in the backyard with a refreshment. Hope you’re enjoying some chill time too!

8 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 35 – Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. It is a great moto to live by – though I think mine would have to be work hard, play harder lol. Your woods picture is just like the one you posted yesterday and I know how you love your chucks so it’s great you can have that extra freedom at work to dress in a style that’s comfortable and you! Enjoy those days off chilling and playing x

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