Art Cards – Week 36 – Finding Balance

My inspiration for this week’s art cards was the idea of finding balance in life. I’ve been contemplating what’s most important to me, realizing (and accepting) that life is not a contest or a race to see how much I can get done in a day or a week.

I used a couple of my favorites to illustrate these cards – the blue-green color combination, trees, leaves and a little stream – things that make me feel calm. I purposefully kept this set of cards simple to act as simple reminders to maintain balance in life.

7 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 36 – Finding Balance

  1. No race ah shucks!! lol;) The way I have been cutting up fabric the last 2 days you would think so!

    Your cards are very symbolic–love them Terri!!

  2. needed to hear these messages!! apart from being great art cards a lot of your cards also have a them

  3. I need those sayings on a mini quilt to hang on my wall. I have the hardest time with balance and I actually get angry at myself when I don’t get everything accomplished that I was going to in a week. Speaking of mini quilt….I think you asked me what the book was that I had and it’s called “Pretty Little Mini Quilts”. I couldn’t find your email to reply to by the time I found the book in my house. 🙂

  4. Will you come over and have a talk with me, please? I’m really, really struggling with balance right now. I know family comes first and all, but after that, I’m really struggling with priorities. I need some balance in my life!

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