Art Cards – Week 37 – Early Autumn

I love the beginning of each season, the idea of change, especially the subtle changes Autumn reveals. From the cooler temperatures, to the longer shadows, to the fading colors, to changing leaves, to harvesting late summer crops.

Whispers of Autumn represented by changing leaves.

Sweet September represented by the always-majestic sunflowers.

Of all four seasons, I especially love the gentle ways Autumn eases in.

8 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 37 – Early Autumn

  1. In the northeast, I’m learning to love autumn…. it wasn’t the same in California! Autumn just meant cooler temps with some of the trees changing color. Not enough change to really MEAN change.

    Here, it’s fast becoming my favorite season! Your cards for autumn bring to mind the warmer colors of fall. I love the yellows and oranges. Well done, Terri!

  2. Me too, Terri, I love autumn!For me it feels like everything calms down and goes in ‘order’ (sounds strange). Love to wear jeans and knitted jackets! Summer is somehow too strong season for me.
    Your cards are beautiful and they have so lovely soft, summer colours!
    Enjoy this great time of the year! We have still +33 C degrees but from tomorrow we are waiting some change.
    xxx Teje

  3.’ve captured the seasons with these designs and colours..i love this time of the year.. pumpkins,berries,leaves,hot chocolate(how did that get in!!)

  4. You have captured the lovely warm colours and your sentiments are perfect :0) I love falling leaves and big tall sunflowers and I love these art cards!

  5. Lovely. We’ve had a really chilly and wet fall. Usually I love fall. So far, I am not enjoying this one! Wanted to take E. to the apple orchards this weekend, but it rained all weekend, and there’s rain forecasted every day this week!

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